Engraving Prices?

WTF is going on with Engraving prices? Most of them are so cheap it is not worth selling them anymore!

Gold nerf and most people bought their engravings already, not sure why you would expect them to be expensive forever.


Engraving price will always mostly depend on new players, there are not a lot of new players so they get cheaper. Every roster only needs 20x of each, and you are not going to go for 20x on all of them. For example if you buy 20 of Grudge and Cursed Doll you can already use that on most classes in a 5x3 build as most classes use both of these.


When engraving was pricey everyone was banking and when players cry its too expensive now them players can’t even make a living lmao

  • Hyper Express Event that gives 4x3 for 3 months
  • Everyone is doing Vykas HM
  • A huge portion of the population already has completed legendaries
  • Not a lot of new players.

It is the same with Leapstones everyone that is starting has cheap or free to 1445. The new shard/silver Nerf will definitely lower the shard bags as well…

Everything is cheap, why complain? Not making gold? LOL Except for end T3 which is always constant until Akkan.

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Enjoy bag holding, man it feels so good to see those who stockpiled that hoping to rip off players, foaming at the mouth now.

Ahhh hahahahahahah


Full Bloom hit 5k for 6 hours now back up to 6.4k. Prolly one of the most expensive…

Was 12k a week or so ago though, soooo

1G still has 1G value tho. :joy:

feels good waiting to buy my books, saw this coming, got away with 4+2 for a long time haha

most people are done with engravings and also gold deflation is starting to take its effect i would say we wont see engravings go up for a long time

true those also have a put a huge effect on the prices and everyone doing vykas instead of valtan now , valtan was better for me on my juicer chars cause it was faster and you could carry if ppl die but now the gold nerf its just not worth

The 15 people still playing all have the books they need.

Engraving books are a one and done thing. The less people who need them the faster the supply overtakes the demand and the prices drop to nothing.

We had Golden Frog for ages, we had class engraving selection chests, we have a dwindling population overall and most people who needed books bought books.

The new Book is Stones:

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After seeing this thread, I jumped on the market to check the prices, and now I just want some of the drugs you’re using.

None of the engravings I need dropped in price. If anything, some of them are even more expensive.

guess depends on region perhaps or server.

Ignitor is now around 6k, almost half the price, Kbw is now 4k, CD is 2.5k.

I have a stockpile of leg books that covers alot of the meta ones, it is what it is. Guess I’ll keep them indefinately

Don’t forget the throne spire are tradeable books so will make things even more cheaper

in dead servers SA

since people get free engravings from the event, even new players dont need the books.

population has been “dropping” since launch, we never had such low prices. I dont think it’s a coincidence that the prices dropped drastically after frog ended. Too many people hoarded on the engraving books.

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Wait did they change it to tradeable?

I also have a stockpile I hope our population picks up in Summer or at least the players that have Hyper Express Event running 4x3 start buying engravings. Big COPIUM of course.

The good news about this whole thing is that I finally got my Bard to 5/3 for 70k gold :slight_smile: Cheap engravings ↔ cheap relics (not ancients) have been running 4/3 this whole time.

The problem with SA it’s based on the trading point of Blue Crystals, which is based on the dollar trade. The worst part is that engravings actually have a cap. It is not good for F2P or Budget players since eventually, it goes down in value while BC pricing remains constantly high. Until of course you guys get more spenders and start dumping BC at a lower selling point.

OUCH thats expensive, Grudge is going south of 12k now, Surge is under 5k on our server

thronespire even if bound means ppl don’t need to buy more engravings will depress the market either way

good luck, i too have a large stock of leg books and sad to see them all halved in price over the last few months

have you ever seen books in kr? i mean we all knew this would happen soon or later

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