Engravings disappearing x.x

So I thought I have level 2 hit master so I bought 20x hit master engraving books… After that I read the engraving books but there was no notification of me hitting level 3 with the engraving. I went to check and remembered that the hit master was always level 3 but why did it consume my books then? I tried this with other engraving and noticed that even if you have level 3 engraving you can still consume level 3 engraving. Now I lost 20 engraving > 500 gold for nothing not to mention the times I done this before reading engravings and because I though I can read it I must have it on that level. I hope you can fix this so that the others wont lose randomly they’r engravings.

The books shows u what u have and what not.
If your engravings are at lvl 0, it will show you green book needed, and how many you have

For example, green, 14/20. That means u need 6 more books to reach lvl 1 engraving.

For blue quality as well.
After you got lvl1, it will show you that you need blue books, and how many to get to lvl 2.

Thats just by hovering your mouse over any book.

Ye so what? Would’t it just be better to fix it? Not all of us are as knowing as you just as it’s seen here im -500gold.

There is nothing broken. So there is no need to fix anything. Just read more carefull next time.
( you dont need to be as knowing as anybody. Is not hard to hover the mouse over a engraving book in your inventory and read what it says)

Even if u use a book at full lvl engraving, it gives you a warning that u got max engravings but you pressed ok without reading it probably.

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If I make such mistake, others will too. there’s no reason why I should be able to read level 3 engravings when my engraving are already level 3 but there is a reason to unable it so people wouldn’t make these silly mistakes. Please leave this tread if you have nothing better to say. Ps. That is not accurate, there is no warning.

I apologize for stating the truth.


You really don’t understand the point here do you… Completely locked in your own pov.

One could easily mistake this and use the books and it will DISAPPEAR. So why are you against changing it so that players wouldn’t be able to make this mistake. I lost 20 engravings and many many more before for being unaware of this so why you are against my feedback?? It’s just a small fix i’m recommending and you are going crazy over there.

bought 9 gold book just to demonstrate you this. you owe me 9.

  1. Im not against your feedback. Im against you posting a “feedback” inside the bug sections. Im stating this is not a bug. It works as intended.
  2. If you are able to read, you wont be mistaken. It clearly says over there :NEXT POWER NODE INSTRUCTIONS:

Ofc, If u can’t read, those don’t apply to you.

  1. 9 gold book? Why? How? Where? It still says u got 0/20 Legendary books (gold) used. Thats a purple ( epic book)

  2. Again, dont get me wrong. Im here just because you posted in the Bug Section something that is not a bug. I just stated that is jot a bug. Thats all.

Feedbacks are posted in the feedback sections, or general sections

Good so it’s not a bug I didn’t know that then when I made my post but still my point is the same. I am able to read thank you, you don’t have to get all mean and evil but mistakes still happen because we are people and we don’t always pay attention for a reason or another. Maybe we’re in rush or exited and it is what it is. I don’t see why you are getting so workout about this… And being able to read an level 3 engraving when you are already at level 3 might as well be a bug since it makes no since being able to do so. So… yea, the post is staying here because for me it is BIG BUG.

There’s a lot of confusion about engravings, and in fairness it is a confusing system that the game does a terrible job of explaining. I’ll try to break it down easily for you.

Engraving book levels and equipped engraving levels are different things. By reading engraving books you can unlock an equippable engraving from your engravings menu. You can have two equipped at any time (including using the same one twice, if you want), and equipping them gives you points towards activating that engraving for you. The books come in four rarities, as you know, and you need to read 20 of the next rarity in order to level up your book level, which will give you +3, +6, +9, or +12 when equipped, depending on the level you have unlocked.

Active engraving levels come from reaching certain breakpoints of equipped engraving points. You gain one active engraving level for every 5 points you have in that engraving, up to level 3 at 15 points. Book levels are an easy way to get some points, but most of what you have will come from your Ability Stone and accessories. Having high book levels makes it much easier to gear yourself later on because you can use a wider variety of equipment options, so you can pick what’s cheap on the market board.


Wow this is very good explanation! Thank you a lot<3

Thank you! :slight_smile:

it’s not a mistake, it’s just user error. read better next time, especially when you don’t understand how things work.

It is an thing that players trip to so might as well make the books not usable if the level is incorrect, there’s no harm doing that so why do these big boys cry over this? If you can accidently lose your books like that I would say it’s an error in development. No doubt there are few dumber ones like me playing the game with you smart ashes but take note you are not the only one playing the game.

And how do you know whether i’m I tier 1, 2 or 3. It could be that i’m still learning how things work so what is your problem really?? Is this a place where you take your mental dumb after a bad day? Please leave my tread.

idc what ilvl you are, you don’t understand how engravings work. the game says that “Fully collected recipes will be deleted on use”…its user error not a bug.

ye, well it doesn’t have to be like that.

As I said mistakes happen and this would simply fix it.