Engravings for EE Perfect Suppression SH

Hi, i reached 1415 with my high crit perfect suppression build. Would like to switch to high swiftness build with earth entropy when i reach 1445. Want to target 5x3 or 4x3 + 1x2 + 1x1. What engravings would u suggest me?
Some engravings i am thinking about: Ambush master, Raid captain, Grudge, Precise dagger, Adrenaline or even Spirit Absorption for max attack speed? Cantbdecide what should infocus on. Thanks for advices.

Never go spirit absorption, that’s what yearning bonus is for.
Never go precise dagger on a class that can keep the adrenaline stacks up, either.

Grudge and adrenaline are the starting point.
Then some combination of raid captain, ambush master, mass increase or cursed doll.
Since 5x3 is really costly and it seems it’s your alt, just go 4x3+1.

I’d go grudge, adrenaline, ambush and raid/mass with lvl1 class engraving, shouldn’t be too expensive.

Thanks for your tips, sounds good. Unfortunately it is my main :slight_smile: . I am asking now because i want to watch ah for stuff with decent prices, which will take some time ofc.

Well, it’s one of those builds that uses lvl1 class engraving, which puts it in an awnkward spot.
4x3+1 is cheap and 5x3+1 isn’t gonna happen for 99% players before ancient accessories because you need a 9+7 relic stone.

What about 4x3 + adrenaline lvl2 + 1?

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Yeah, that’s a good point, can work. Probably the best option.

Now the question which 4? Ambush master, grudge/cursed doll, raid captain and mass increase?

Definitely grudge and ambush, then it’s up to preference.

How much swiftness you plan on running and what would be your crit rate?
Can you achieve 140% ms with yearning buff to run raid captain?
Are you comfortable with negative from mass increase?
Do you have 60%+ crit to make KBW effective and worth it?
Or you can take cdoll which is the safest one.

Crit only on 1 ring and necklce, rest swiftness so thats 1300-1400 swiftness? Ms shoukdnt be problem with high swiftness and selfbuffing with nimble movement. That negative from increase mass i dont know, -10% attack speed looks scary. Keen blunt sounds cool too. Does back attack crit bonus counts to those 60%? That would be 10% + 20% from EE 4pc + 10% adrenaline lvl2 + rate from 400-500 crit stat + lostwind cliff. In theory i could barely have 60% crit rate.

If i would go keen blunt i would pick crit earings instead of crit ring.

Adenaline is 10% on lvl2.
Entropy is 17%.
Back attack is 10%.
You really want to take LoS instead of lostwind, holy damage is way better for Vykas.

Mass increase is fine with swiftness stacking, especially with yearning buff. And if you run galewinds. Without it, you can be less efficent sometimes because you use up your rotation too fast and have no available cooldowns if the attackspeed is too fast.

With relic stuff you have around ~2200 total stats. Make it 2100 with lower quality.
So you can get something like 700 crit and 1400 swiftness with one ring or 800/1300 with one earring.

100 crit is 3.6% chance.

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With 700 crit it could work, since it is approx 25% crit rate, i would be at 62% crit rate with stuff u mentioned. Keen blunt with high swiftness build sounds really interesting for me :slight_smile: thanks for your help.

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