Engravings, new meta etc

So now that we have relic accessories and rocks, what is the new target for engravings and how to efficiently get there.
5x3 is possible? but 4x3 will be standard and required for the next content, vykas?
What kind of rock should we be aiming to cut, I just cut a 7/5 for example and have 2 legendary engravings so that’s 12 points on a skill each
I’m trying to do the math on what I’ll need from accessories
I find this gearing process to be a bit of a headache so any help appreciated

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7A7B stone
3A5B accessory 1
5A3B accessory 2 ← 2 engravings
5C3D accessory 3
12D book 1 ← 3 engravings
5C3E accessory 4
5C3E accessory 5 ← 4 engravings
9E book 2 ← 5 engravings


What is the acceptable engravings to reliably get accepted into HM valtan ?

3333 at the start and probably 33333 in a month

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Should i start to get legendary engraving books ?

it was always a good idea to read legendary engravings but only read them if you feel like you need to

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Seems like a solid way to build

lmao there not even 20 gold books for bards theres only 7 in the AH

Wrong. Now that you have Relic accessories, the next step is “Abyssal Accessories”. And after that “Ancient Accessories”. And so it will gi every 3 months.

No roof, no game.

Even valtan HM 4 engraving is the perfect and overkill, 5 engraving make HM turn into NM dps wise, ofc people wanna be stronger to do contents easier, but the ‘‘minimum’’ for valtan is 3 engraving, with 4 being the perfect to have a quite easy run.