Engravings per class AH stock

The tittle isn’t to clear but here it goes
We started playing this game and some of us are still figuring out our own engravings and we may be deleting what others would buy for gold making it much much worth than the little dismantle mats you get.

The idea of this post is to state what are you looking for as a certain class. i’ll give an example with blue accesories since the good wants are worth 200g + depending on the server.

As a Surge Deathblade

Spec > crit (higher spec than crit)
+2 grudge
+1 adrenaline / +1 surge

+2 grudge
+1 adrenaline / +1 surge
strong text

+2 grudge
+1 adrenaline / +1 surge

This is pretty basic i guess legendary accesories have better combinations, you can put the stones you are looking for aswell so we start not deleting our jackpots and also help the comunnity with the auction house stock.

I know there are vids explaining what’s the best for each class but i prefer reading what you guys are looking for right now instead of watching every single one of those videos to learn things of classes i won’t use

90% playin copy&paste from maxroll anyways, so every1 know what every class want

Guess i’ll have to search and note each one of them and everyone will have to do the same instead of building a sheet as a community :smiling_face_with_tear: