Enjoy Clown NA People

I am in EU and have many issues with these updates (like time they begin, no information till last day about patch notes and ect)

But this post seems like - “I feel good when other people are worse than me”!
Just appreciate that we in EU even get compensation.
And for NA getting compensation - well good for them.

This is not a compensation then. That’s just a login bonus added to the game.


NA doesn’t have the same AH or parties as EU so who cares what they get?

They might just as well play another game, their advantages don’t affect EU.

we would not get it if the maintenance was not taking our full day. so Guess it is compensation, just other regions get it too (not big deal)

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For monitoring, how well are the merging servers running.

No, because I don’t care about what happens on EU. I don’t understand why you EU people are so obsessed with NA. So other regions get shit that you do. Big deal? How does that affect you negatively?

It’s a compensation with a colorful name so they can give it to NA too.

What compensation? XD
Are people rambling about usual login rewards that got refreshed after ending last one? XD

We are getting an aditional login reward due to the server merges.

They didn’t call it compensation, they called it “two week login bonus track to celebrate our completion of merges”.

We know it’s a compensation for this insanely long maintenance that is affecting EUC/EUW/SA and taking the longest in EUC.

They just changed the name to give it to NA.

oh no you can’t do content that you are going to do until you quit playing the game forever 12 hours earlier.

If you don’t care about EU then why are you here? this is not just because someone random get gifts (without sense because you don’t need a compensation but anyways) it’s because we are piss off because they treat better NA than EU/SA, they don’t care about to fix the timezones, about the maintenance, about to f*ck raid release because merge and this is since the release of the game. They just don’t listen to our community, so if you don’t have nothing civil to say get out of the topic. Really I hope that NA (of course not xD) doesn’t have to suffer 16h maintenance in brelshaza release (and again its not just that). Some people only can raids on wednesday but yeah doesn’t affect you so who cares, get some empathy.

The title of the thread and the content of the OP is telling NA players to enjoy raiding clown today. And I am doing just that. Why are you addressing NA players if you don’t want NA players to read your thread?

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Because you said already you don’t care about EU and still you are thrashtalking about our situation lmao. I’m not saying NA players to not come here, I’m addresing you, you don’t care so get off

I’m not trashtalking your situation. Your situation sucks and I wouldn’t like to be in it either, but crying about other regions getting rewards doesn’t make me want to sympathize for you. It doesn’t affect you. At all.

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They shipped the new daily login rewards as “compensation for server merging”. have to give it to them if they fooled some with that move.

I already said a lof of times that I don’t care about that I made the topic just to let amazon/ags/whatever to not do this again for brelshaza, because this situation sucks a lot and EU is suffering from mismanagement since the release. But also I have to say that to give a compensation to someone who doesn’t suffer the penalty is ridiculous, but really I won’t make a big deal about it I just want my community to be treat like an equal and to be hear. We need an EU CM, and also they are fucking SA too, even OCE doesn’t have servers.

We know that this is a long time to wait to play new content, however we want to make sure that the process is handled correctly. In anticipation of this momentous event our teams have created a special two week login bonus track to celebrate our completion of merges.

No where is this post does it state its compensation Information regarding the upcoming server merges Nor does it state that its solely for EU and SA

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Of course not because its for NA too, but are you getting merges or 16h maintenance? I think not, but if you want keep the 16h maintenance and the rewards I prefer to play, ah but you got both congrats. Again its not a big deal but doesn’t make sense it is really hard to understand?xD

And again its not the reason of the topic, I hope you enjoy the freebies, NA players didn’t f*ck this, was amazon/smilegates/Pepa Pig’s fault.

wait what?

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