Enjoy! its not a race!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to lay out some thoughts and hopefully find people who are open minded and can understand the following;

T3 at launch is a good thing for a few of reasons.

  1. people will not run out of content for a LONG time.

  2. it’s a staggered T3 so even then it’s a controlled ascent.

  3. it closes the gap between NA/EU client with Korea’s which means we will get up to date content sooner rather than a 6month-1year delay. (Which people generally dislike).

  4. reduces dev resources to have to keep up with updating so many builds and can focus on balancing them all at the same time.

New players will not be left behind, this mentality is silly because people join MMOs all the way across it’s life not just at the start. That’s like saying if I started WoW in 6 months I’d never catch up, which is incorrect.

Remember, LOST ARK IS NOT A RACE. It’s a long term investment for enjoyment with deep content.

Stop worrying and just enjoy the game! Gear at your own pace and stop chasing stars.

I can’t wait to join you all in NA West! Though I’ve been on KLOA for years, I’ll be taking my time and enjoying this again as a newbie.

Lost arks content doesnt start at endgame, it starts the moment you make your character and start playing. The adventure in-between IS the content, endgame just keeps you going until they add more!

We have all the time in the world! :smiley: let’s goo!!


i agree 100. alot of the heated disscusion is just based on the fact that everyone wants to compete with eachother. more content = better game at launch. it real is that simple


I’m in that boat of new players. The announcement of T3 at launch does not phase me at all. The game is to gorgeous to rush through its content. I get the competitive edge and FOMO, but it irks me when others are saying that it will ruin the experience for newer players.


Enjoy at your own pace is nice in theory, but in reality a lot of players will be left in the dust in obsolete content that isn’t ran by the player base anymore.

Also regardless of rushing, or pacing yourself. People no longer get the feeling of progressing through the tiers, as the normal launch would allow.

And they must pick their mains essentially day 1 now, and we dont even have all the classes at release lol.


I’m glad you’re going to be taking it at your own pace and enjoying the content! You won’t regret it.

Lost Ark doesn’t start at endgame. It starts as soon as you make your character and through my own experience in K-LOA, this enjoyment carries all the way through.

New players shouldn’t be daunted, it’s got a lot of content and that’s exactly what we want in MMO


Wouldn’t this only be a problem if I can’t get in a 4-man for a specific progression phase because literally everyone flew past me? Is this really what is going to happen? I logged in early release for FFXIV expansion and of course it was a crazy race through the MSQ but I did not rush. I took my time and enjoyed myself. I could only do so much MSQ at a time. This means that I hit those MSQ dungeons slower than the “hardcore” peeps and I still have no problem getting in. Of course the difference there is FFXIV had roulettes. Not sure what Lost Ark has that helps people get into parties at all phases of their progression.


This. Previously with the assumed delay between launch and t3 would have given us a content gate to get to for both hardcore and casuals, as well as allow us to build up a supply of materials and gold to get into t3 smoothly.

But yes, this is now the reality we live in… It is a marathon not a race. No way you can RACE to end of t3. It will absolutely burn people out who try.

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Completely agreed. Not sure why people are crying so hard over this T3 stuff. Literally no one is holding a gun to your head saying “RUSH ALL CONTENT” you are your own player. Go at your own pace and enjoy the game. If you are a veteran by all means rush it and compete to be first at everything. People forget, what you do is your choice, no one else’s.


I wanted to enjoy the game with my friends but my main got pulled from launch

You don’t think an MMO will be affected by a massive rift between veterans and fresh players? That seems completely out of touch with reality to me

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Because of my previous experience I can confidently say that this is highly overblown.

You can indeed feel the progression through tiers If you aren’t forcing yourself up the chain.

In terms of being left behind, this mentality is myopic due to the fact that new players who join later eg 6months to a year down the line would be in theory disadvantaged which is not true to say the least. Catchup mechanics will be introduced and these are “options” people can use if they want to.

If I’m not racing to compete against you then I’m not being left behind. If there is no chase there’s no 2nd place.

A lot of people will roll alts to do completionist stuff as well which will in turn help newbies too.

One of the habits I’ll keep with me from KLOA is to go back to lower levels and help new players occasionally, this way we can assist newer Mococos grow. That’s what’s so great about MMOs. Communities are a beautiful thing when they help each other.


It’s alright astro! My main isn’t at launch either.

My strategy will be to gear one character and some alts, farm my materials then when my Destroyer comes out I’ll just gear him to the teeth :smiley:

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People seemed content at doing island and giant hearts, seed collection, and all that stuff as a lack of other options. Now they feel they “have to” do other content and they feel rushed. They’re not, and they’ll be fine. Let them throw their tantrum and move on. Streamers too, were planning on milking the drip system of content for months, “preparring others” for more content to come. That idea got thrown out, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

There’s nothing wrong about being “behind” others. There’s plenty of stuff to do, and time to catch up. It’s not a race.

Every normal newbie and casual will enjoy at their own pace and wont have problem with this, the people who talk about “need” to rush now are those who want but cant be tryhards and now cant compete with true tryhards.


T3 on lunch it means that old player and streamer will rush content spending big money,
3/4 of island became useles as give t1 reward and there will be a total skip of t1 and t2 content, done only with someone that clear fast, so people arrive in t3 and they can’t play the content as was carried to t3.
very bad idea

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I’m curious,

Would you be able to elaborate on your views? It’s good to understand the picture that other people have in their minds.

How will you be able to do T1 and T2 content now? when everybody queues 3…
T1 and T2 will be zipped though in 1-2 weeks max even with the caps. Even if you are a filty casual.
This switch is a mistake. You will drive many newer players away from the game.
It is one thing to say to my friends. that it will take you month to to catch up… and “yeah, you are never catching up”

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many of these things sound great, but you are wrong about something and that is that if it is a race to get to T3, the economy and gains of T3 are very good and necessary to progress. now everything is focused on reaching T3 both for economy and progress.

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spot on sir!

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can’t agree more

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