Enough is enough bro

i have in mind since a while to make a good serious thread “how to improve combat system”, like :
new engraving we could put in the game
how to make many abilities in many classes playable, put more variety in tripods/build etc.

But how could we even talk about that when the game is unplayable, and its not like we can hope for a better futur, cause this is actually the complete opposite. The more time passes, the more catastrophic it becomes.

Trust me, im not sayin what im about to say just because i wanna flame “for flame”, but spitting truth : I NEVER EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE, play a mmo with such a chaotic management.
I never EVER see people gettin dced everywhere, every damn minute on every server for WEEKS and MONTHS soon.
I never EVER seen such incompetent staff running a video game in 20 years of gaming.


You never played another MMO before then, outside the DC stuff this shit extra regular lol

go try playing Dungeons&Dragons Online by standing stone games then. you’ll learn theres always worse out there. I am fully expecting a rollback in lost ark soon tbh. ffxiv has had em, wow, ddo has had multiple. then again I’d also like to clarify that I am not defending ags in any way shape or form. the DC’s are getting worse every week (I’ve lost 9 cube tickets and a boss rush ticket this week alone in 3 days. at this point I might just go back to Tower of fantasy and wait for blue protocol release.

Yet you still come back day after day to play it! They must be doing something right

The game is good, koreans knows how to make a good game… but the servers are nothing about it lol

new to korean games? its always like this xD

20 year’s?
must be a lie, mmos like wow FFXIV ESO had bad dc and instability when they come out, FF and eso had the FIRST yea of there life cycle bad servers, wow had bad servers and unstable servers all the way up to cata where they finally '‘fixed’ it and have been fine,

so saying you played mmo’s for 20 years and havent seen anything as bad as LA servers is a clear lie, and there is more mmos to mention still that had bad servers and dc’s all the way up to when they got shut down, 1month of dc’s are not the worst servers ever hapened on any mmo’s carier