Enough... Is ENOUGH (gold inflation)

4 Months have passed without any solution being put in place, there is more bots than ever, RMTers don’t get punished and you still say things like “b-but roxx said they are working on it!” with straight face :rofl: :joy:


Why are you even here? lol

That indeed you can and it would be absolutely true… But lets stop that New World Lost ark comparison, it didn’t hold up from day 1… Yeah the devil Amazon has its hands in the whole LOA thing, but you clearly can’t compare both cases cause they are vastly different.

So since release? xD Never understood the hype, the game was never gonna be finished / balanced / thought through at release… All could just see that fact in beta and it still got hyped like no tomorrow.

Yeah true. To be fair the beta had less issues then the final release lol. I just wish there was more transparency. Also a mod made a post a few hours ago and welcomed a user to the New World forums…wtf. I’ll see if I can find it. I’m over all the copy paste responses.

AGS has no succesful release under their belt, and soon they will mess up with LA

Lol look at this post. Can’t even get the game right.

Actually… I’m pretty sure that he copy pasted this out of an old New World standardizet response text :joy:

Yes but this is not an issue made by amazon. Can we all agree that the reason why things are out of control is because the game is designed with the KR “market” in mind?

Amazon cannot write code and they cannot implement the solutions everyone has been asking for. It is on Smilegate to do that. And it’s also on smilegate that they did not look better into how the western market works with F2P titles.

I believe we will get a solution to this, but it will take time. It sucks and it’s annoying, but i find it unfair that Amazon gets ALL of the hate when they are not in charge for those things.

Are you sure about that? There are several news articles from the last week or so where the SMG CEO is bragging about Lost Arks record breaking steam numbers in global.

From the looks of this forum post

They are live testing their bot auto-detecting system from my assumption. However, it is pretty inaccurate lol

Well it is. They could lock the servers while they figure their shit out. They have the technology to do so and they have used it before.

That is true but the communication by AGS IS GARBAGE.

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I just want to buy DI books but they increase in price by 2k every two or three days… it’s stupid af

Yeah on Thursday after the new update, myself and quite a few others were IP banned with error code 10010. 2 days later my IP was randomly unbanned and I did not have to use a hotspot to log in. Still a few people left that are currently region locked because of SMG breaking the game.


It just was not a smart move from Smilegate to choose AGS as a Publisher after all their massive flops in the Industry like Crucible and New World.


Even with the current situation its not worth buying the gold from ingame why do you think some use fishy sites. Current exchance rate 20€=9k gold :joy:

Exactly, choosing AGS after they bomb at everything they touch is mind blowing.

They need to eliminate injection and let the bots focus on cycling already existing gold.

Rework Una gold, remove masterpiece gold, remove rapport gold, re-do below tier 3 abyssals.

There, I just removed 80-90% of easily bot-able gold. Now they have to rely on other players to trade them gold for items, but that cannot create inflation.

I paid 10,000 for one class engraving. It takes a lot of work and time for a F2P player to get that much coin…and I need 20 of them. It’s insane and 100% a result of RMT going unpunished by AGS.