Entered clown raid without 4th player

Hello, several days ago, we entered the clown raid. Only 3 of us was inside. When we were asking our 4th player, he said he is just at Vern and is waiting for us to start. But we were already loaded and inside.

We had to quit the raid and remake and start over a new party finder.

Note: Something similar, happens like this as well, on the Aira’s Oculus / Oreha Preveza [hard]. It’s not often but it does happen enough. For those 2 maps is few things happen differently:

  1. Once you start from the party finder, the party finder disappears, but nothing happens.
    1a) Sometimes it is just lag and after a while you guys eventually enter.
    1b) Sometimes even after waiting several minutes, it just never loaded.

  2. Sometimes your team will enter, but 1 person is not there, just like what happened in this picture.

I can confirm that I saw the same thing, being part of this same raid.

Thanks for letting us know about this! I’ll get this over to the development team.

Thanks for letting us know you’ve seen this too.