Entering Rohendel with any character leads to a crash in the loading screen

I have the problem that Lost Ark always crashes when any of my characters enter any location in Rohendel. During the loading screen of the map the game crashes. This leaves any character that tried to enter Rohendel unplayable.

The support asked me to verify the integrity of the Steam game files, but the crash remained. The support then relocated my character away from the port in “Lake Shiverwave” (Rohendel). First to “Rothun”(Rohendel), which led to another crash and then finally to Yorn’s Cradle(Yorn). This seems to be the only solution currently.

The problem first occurred when I used the Oceanliner from Yorn to Rohendel,

I assumed that the Oceanliner was the problem. Because of this I tried sailing there with the character that had the crash and used the Tripod in the ship port menu to teleport to another location in Rohendel (Breezesome Brae). This again crashed the game. If any of my other characters enters Rohendel they also crash in the loading screen.

Only relocating my characters with the help of support allowed me to play again, but getting my alts to Tier 2 is impossible without Rohendel.

Bump, any suggested solutions to solve this problem?
May there be some bugged files that the Steam verification couldn’t detect that lead to the crash of Rohendel?

Ok, managed to solve it.
While verifying the game files didn’t help, the solution was to uninstall the game in Steam and redownload it.
Probably some corrupted files for Rohendel which lead to the crash.