Entering Week 4 of paid skins being broken with 0 communication

The second batch Lawmaker skins are still bugged and character bound now.

Was caused in the Valtan Patch (May 19).

Before the patch these costumes were Roster Bound.
This for me caused an issue where parts of my Lawmaker costume are split between 2 characters with no way of moving them over and being unable to have the complete outfit on either.
Pants/headpiece are stuck on 1 character, Chest piece stuck on second char.

Clickbait title because this has been ignored so far. Not even something like a “tough luck” copy-paste response. Outside of 1 thread getting suggestions to contact support. Which is nonsense. This is a game issue. Not account issue.

There have been threads made by multiple people, Platinum/Lawmaker complimentary bound since patch collected couple of them.

@Shadow_Fox @Roxx @TrevzorFTW I’m sorry, but I just want to have all the pieces of a stupid costume on the same character…

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Officially 4th reset with this bug still in. :partying_face: All that would be needed is to get the dev team responsible for ingame items eyes on this. I promise you it will take them 3 minutes to analyze if this is 5 minutes fix worth doing or 5 hour fix possibly not being worth doing.
Just please make some dev aware…
@Shadow_Fox @Roxx @TrevzorFTW

Still broken btw… :anguished:

Hi, Showel. I’ll send this over to the development team for further review. Sorry about the delay in reply.

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:wink: Thanks!

No problem! :+1:

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