Entitled Players pt.2

As you guys read the forums about august / september roadmap (which looks amazing) keep in mind how great of a job AGS and SG are doing with getting our version of the game up to speed while we enjoy t3 content.

Every month we are getting some form of content and the speed of raids seem to be spot on for me in particular progression wise so i got a good feeling they are monitoring the bulk of the playerbase.

Keep in mind players that AGS / SG are doing an amazing job and enjoy this experience. Summer skins were great and it seems more to come.

We got punika passes puchaseable which is HUGE for filling out our rosters with scouter coming out.



nuff said


Which part of the road map did you find particularly amazing and are excited to try out?


i enjoeyed road map aswell - good things in it
-scouter next
-clown september(not 1475 yet so enought time to catch up)
-server merges
which is basicly everything which was in the roadmap


We can’t even purchase or use passes right now…


No one forced them to hone to brelshaza ilvl

No need to ruin his ass kissing parade.

A new class and clown content is great. Going to strongholds outside of server is nice. I see back to school skins.

Its also about the spacing. Clown in september is great, me personally am 1470. So given the extra time to get characters to 1475.

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No one forced you to play on a slow pace and nobody forces you to keep up to with dedicated players.

But good job the fomo babies once again managed to cause a slow down a “highly advertised fast catch-up” patch rate. Yet our patch speed is slower as KR.

Go to the beach in august, you aint getting it.

Oh did korea have the clown released 6 months in?

Where do they talk about server merges

Edit: just found it in the tiny bit of september part 2 update. Interesting

They are doing an amazing job, even though clown is coming in waaayy too early. If they keep up bringing new raids at this pace then that will be what makes the game a completely niche thing that is considered absolutely dead by everyone else except the most hardcore dedicated players, just like OW is right now. Most players haven’t even touched Vykas and now they’re announcing Clown when most players have barely touched Valtan? (I’m not included in this group as I’m a complete degenerate grinder) The pacing is just absolutely nuts considering how they were literally sorry not too long ago about releasing content too early AND NOW THEY’RE DOING IT A LOT FASTER??

In February we were 18 months behind, in September we will be 17 months behind.

Doesn’t seem very “up to speed” to me.

Idk if you heard but that was disabled.

8 months into T3 for KR, 7 months for us.

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We went from level 1-50 t1 t2 t3 and now clown in 8 months.

That is ALOT quicker than KR which did valtan for 8months before vykas.

Again. Entitled players.

Valtan came out in Jan 21 and Vykas came out in Feb 21.

Please don’t comment if you literally have no clue what you are talking about.

Yeah… and how long did it take korea to get to t3? We got vykas much faster and will get the clown much faster too

P2Wait gamer.

Love the 2month class release time periods and clown in september. 2 awesome moves by AGS/SG

Amazing is a bit of a stretch, like seriously.
New raid which is/was expected anyway
A new class announced.

No detail on if there’s going to be an attached event with said class or not

No details on what skins we’re going to get.
Very vague details on QoL updates.
No details on balance changes
No details on if we are or aren’t going to also get the tripod changes

No details on these server merges, is it server to server merge or are they actually going to merge EUC and EUW and NAE and NAW? As if there only merging servers it only fixes half the probelm. It won’t fix EUW’s market and match making issue.