Entitlement in Matchmaking

We’ve all been guilty of this.

I’ve been guilty of this.

But because I’m at the point in my life where I learned from this, I’m hoping other people can learn from it, too.

Alright, here’s my hot take:

That means you’re not entitled to:

  • People with good engravings
  • People above minimum ilvl
  • People that know the fight or mechanics
  • People that don’t play Deadeye
  • People that equip their rock
  • People with experience in isometric games
  • People

Do you know why? Because matchmaking is random. That’s right. You have NO control over matchmaking other than what’s already certain.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, random Redditor that found themselves on the Lost Ark forums. No fxcking shxt!”

But guess what, not everyone is as smart, as compassionate, or as patient as you. There are baboons among us, and this drives home the point: Different people play this game and these people include:

  • People with level 1 grudge
  • People with min ilvl with blue gear
  • People that are running things blind
  • Deadeye mains
  • People that don’t have rock equipped
  • People that came from fortnite
  • Baboons

And if you got matched with them. That sucks. You can either abandon the run if it REALLY bothers you that much or begrudgingly go along with it. But by the time your butt is in that instance, you are not entitled to anything. No, not even a clear.

So stop starting shxt because you didn’t get matched with anyone above the competency of “below average”. Because people that are “bad” at the game exist and they are also using matchmaking.

Now, I could talk about empathy, and how all of us were at the point in our lives where we were ass at any game. Hell, some of us are getting to the point in our lives where “boomer apm” is less of a meme and more of a reality for us, but this is a video game forum and so I expect much soul searching from the people here.

Instead, let me direct you to this wonderful thing called “Party Finder” where you can actually choose who to bring to your party. Isn’t that nice? No more people with lvl 1 grudge or tier 1 rock. No more people that watch cutscenes because it’s implied in the title “alt run”. And if people do end up breaking this unspoken taboo, there is some semblance of a justification for verbal abuse that you (hopefully) would never say irl.

So yeah. Matchmaking is a thing. There are new gamers coming into lost ark. Stop being a dick…

And if that is not enough of a reason, remember that people that can’t play games for shxt are probably normies. Normies take showers, ergo these are probably the people you want to be friends with.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk


You’re not entitled to me reading your wall of text


Yeah I agree with you, I was about to start a similar topic not long ago but i decided to avoid it this time. Because for the 100th times, someone was starting to be an elitist in a T1 abyss dungeon.

There are way too many d***heads in this game. Pretending to be “better” just because they have a bit higher gearscore or are simply not new to the dungeon, but let’s be clear, skill in this game is very relative. In the end just add some levels to your gear and you don’t need to know how to dodge anymore.

To end, a message to everyone saying " Don’t join abyss if you haven’t watched a YT vid first" And trust me, there are way too many people saying this. Well, go back to school to learn first how to read, and then perhaps how to behave with other people.


This man gets it

I find this as a great topic, however you forget some people even with all the checklist of gears and engraving still fails to perform well in pf.

Thanks again


yeah, you really can’t have expectations there either, sadly, but the next best solution is to ask the masses to queue with friends and let’s be honest here, how many of us actually have friends, much less have friends that play the same game as us.

but hey, if you wanna be friends then…

:point_right: :point_left: :eye: :lips: :eye:


If there’s anything that carries success rate more than anything else in matchmaking, it would be empathy.


i was in oreha, 1 player ran away from albion stagger check, then after she died to the points of protection mechanic, our party wiped, after spawn i asked if she wanted to know the mechs for the fight, ignores me, and walks straight back to boss,

i clicked to quit dungeon but another person in the group said “think we’re good”
then boss was in lightning mode, still runs from stagger check, and doesnt go into circle for lightning wipe mech, after we wiped she just says “jaja” and tries to run back towards boss room again, but this time someone else on the team wanted to quit

i was going to reject the vote out of spite but i pressed enter by accident ;-;

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I actually resonate with this “TED-Talk” here and agree with every point (to an extent).

I don’t mind teaching people in matchmaking if they’re willing to respond to me. I noticed this alot in Gate of Paradise (Tranquil Karkosa) where people don’t know mech and don’t even bother responding/reading chat when we ask the person if they don’t know it. At that point, the lobby is doomed, we quit it and that’s the end of that.
If people mess up mechanics, I simply respond with “It happens to the best of us” because it is true. 1400’s mess up in Road of Lament laser dodging and gold orbs. 1300’s mess up orb-clock mechanic in Tranquil Karkosa. People in general mess up in Hildebrandt Palace mirror mech. It simply happens to anyone, new or experienced. Myself included. No point screaming and harping at someone for dying to one-shot mechs, like what? You going to revive them? I understand people with very little time get frustrated but go to “Find Party” if you really value your time instead of being rude to newer players.
As for engravings, stats and stones, it doesn’t matter till you are doing Oreha’s Well where it does get annoying to see someone running Level 1 Grudge and taking every boss hit. Atleast that’s where my disagreement with the point about level 1 grudge.

In my perspective, when I see new players in matchmaking that are willing to learn, it’s refreshing and it makes me feel like I’m in their shoes (in a good way). It feels rather accomplishing when you actually complete it. :slight_smile:

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Op it is what it is, western players are just bad in all possible ways


i love how at the end of your list there’s just “people”

This is a great post really!

you know deadeye is not as bad as you try to make him be


Matchmaking especially if we’re talking about Abyss dungeons are for gamers. If you suck and you know you do make a learning group. Us f2p Gods with 18 t3 alts have gold to make

Nice deadeye meme

I have been warned once for not throwing flare as a party number 1 as I didnt pay attention for my number, but from that point I have always looked whats my number and used my battle item(s) accordingly.

what about us 1445+ players who join matchmaking just to watch videos… That will teach those clear parties farming cards

all of these except for 3 are an instant quit i’m not wasting my time and they can waste someone else’s time. also this is why i use party finder for any content above 1370.

Why so much hate for deadeyes… the class isnt bad. People are so hard over either playing zerk, sorc, or youre griefing apparently.

Ive been getting my pistoleer deadeye up, i main bard. Cleared p2 argos, was top dps. Top dps at least half the time i do fox. People gotta chill on dps hate.


This - the last point the most - made me laugh way to hard XD