Entry count exceeded after D/Cing from Aira's Oculus

This was using “Find Party” instead of matchmaking

As you can see, I have not taken up a “Weekly Gold Limit” since I D/C without clearing the dungeon. However the weekly entry count still says it has been exceeded.

This has happened to me before, but I automatically obtained an entry reset in the mail. This did not occur this time.

Server: Regulus

Additionally I should add that I also D/C’d earlier today on my main character “Puchin” during a Purple (Epic) Secret Dungeon Map run.

As I understand from other posts, there are server stability issues today.

Hello @Puchin

Have a warm weclome to the forums I thank you for taking the time to repor this situation!
Unfortunately over the forums services I can not provide further help in this type of situations since there is an automatic system that provide players with the entry when the error was cause by our side other way the entry can not be restored. If you have not received the entry after 48 hour is due to eligibility.

Best wishes
Keep gaming hero!