Entry count exceeded

hello,so i finished gate 1 vykas and when i tryed gate 2 with a different group sais entry count exceeded ,how is this possible?

Server - Thaemine
Region - Central Europe
ign - Menuet

Hi there, alexbadiu13!

I’ve moved this over to the support section so our team can look into this one for you.

thank you

I have the same problem but the oreha preverza hard. I was waiting screenshot for 45s and then quit me party and lost entry.

server - wei
region - central europe
character - handryk (striker)

Hello @alexbadiu13 and thank you @Centeotl for moving this over as well as welcome to the forums @nichiporuk,

I am sorry to hear about your lost entry and therefore the reward. This error is usually based on getting disconnected during a run but please bear in mind we do not provide re-entry tickets in cases not caused by a verified server crash or outage.

We’ve set up a system that will automatically reissue entries in scenarios caused by a verified server crash or outage within 48 hours. That is to say, if the system does not reissue your entry ticket automatically on this occasion, we will not be able to do so manually. You can read on how we handle these scenarios here.

Note the system counts any entries as consumed whether or not these are completed runs. This means if you started a Gate 1, it will be considered consumed and not allow access to Gate 1 again and Gate 2 will not be accessible given Gate 1 was not completed.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: