Enviska Misleading UI Clock Display

With the recent update, it seems that the in-game events have changed from running on PDT to PST on NAW. However, the Enviska server’s UI clock display on the top-left still shows PDT and many people have been misled by the clock and when the in-game events actually run. For example, on the calendar, the naruni racing event may say it’s supposed to run at 20:00 PDT, but it actually runs on 20:00 PST.

I have also cross-checked this with friends/guildmates on the Enviska server, and friends on the Valtan server. It appears that the Valtan server’s UI clock display is PST (1 hour earlier than PDT) and that the clock is inline with the time when in-game events occur.

Hope I’ve portrayed the issue accurately and this gets fixed soon. Cheers.