EO Soulfist Build

Im 1340 right now with my soulfist and want to go for 1370. I have been wondering is EO SF could work with Swift/Spec stats + Adrenaline + Precise dagger? or should i go for general Swift/crit stat?

ps. I didnt really understand Hype identity that much, some insight about it would be thankful :slight_smile:

I still would love to see the experiment of this setup

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hey man, definitely recommend swiftness + crit substat on your necklace! don’t run precise dagger, it’s not very good for EO :slight_smile:

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I’m curious as to why you think that. Dagger gives a lot of critical hit chance, constantly, for a single engraving. If your not taking crit to take some spec on your neck slot, then you want the crit from somewhere, Dagger’s reliable if you can get it.

As for dropping spec for swift with crit in neck slot? There’s an argument to be made that you’ll have enough crit chance that you don’t need dagger, but I would still take that setup. Mostly because past adrenaline, what other zero downside options are there for critical chance?

I’m sure one or the other will come out on top if the numbers are crunched, but I don’t think it will be a very big gap, provided you can get dagger to rank 3.

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precise dagger loses value as you gain more crit, plus the damage penalty is just not worth it as soulfist has no good crit damage tripods. it’s not like robust spirit where you absolutely need your spirit bomb to crit, EO simply does not need dagger


I didnt use Crit/Swift cause i cant bear with long hype cooldown, it just hurt my DPS a lot if i miss some skill at hype 3 and wait for 50 seconds to damaging boss again. if i use Spec/Swift, i can shave the cooldown by 30-40%. Thats why i think i need some crit for the build, but are -12% from precise dagger really hurt EO dps that much? or is Spec/Swift build really not viable at all?

ONLY go hype3 if you need to use your awakening, otherwise let hype2 run out as the cooldown is a LOT shorter and EO doesnt really benefit from hype3 all that much (apart from awakening).

that way spec becomes even less relevant. its all about swiftness and cooldown-gems so that you dont have any downtimes, since soulfists auto-attack is really bad too…

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Use crit/swift necklace. All other items should be swiftness. Only go in hype 3 if you can use your awakening. Other time stand in hype 2 whole time. Skip hype 1 and don’t go hype 3.

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I see, that make sense when we just playing only at hype 2. but i cant quite grasp using hype 3 for only awakening skill because awakening skill have a long cooldown right? World Decimation at 3mins and Kamehameha at 5mins.
is there a significant drop off if i use hype 3 for the skill often than only using hype 2? and could you explain why EO doesnt really benefit much from hype 3?

what is the ratio for crit/swift for EO? is it viable to use one crit ring for the build?

sure let me try :slight_smile:

hype 3 benefits for awakening as awakening skills are long-cooldown + high-dmg so you want them to hit as hard as possible, meaning using hype 3.
as EO you should probably only use kamehame as you dont have enough crit to reliable crit with world decimation. (also kamehame is way easier to hit and play with)

as for why hype 3 isnt too beneficial to EO:
EO is NOT a burst-build. that means that most of your skills have low cooldown and only hit for “somewhat low” dmg so having a short window (10 secs of hype 3) with high dmg-buffs will not help you much.
and since hype 3 will induce a much longer meditation state (hype cooldown) than hype 2 will, it is more useful to maximize hype 2 uptime to boost all skills with it rather than using the short burst-window of hype 3.

hope that makes sense

crit/swift ratio:
neckless crit + swift
everything else swift.
so the ratio would be around 80/20 or 85/15 in favour of swift i guess

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Later is a crit ring maybe viable. But right now you need as much swiftness as you get. I’m playing with 1407 swiftness and 467 crit

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Personally what I’m running at the moment is adrenaline 3, raid captain 3, energy overflow 3, awakening 2, and I’m running 1450 swift with 450 crit

Adrenaline is easy damage since you run high swift on energy overflow, same with raid captain as you get the full damage buff from it, and since you’re spamming skills with low cooldowns you get the full damage buff from energy overflow 3 aswell

You could change energy overflow to 1 instead of 3 and then run cursed doll or grudge as a 3, but I’ve found this build to be great for my current ilevel 1395

I did also stick in an awakening 2 for that shorter cooldown on spirit bomb as the highest crit I’ve hit with it so far is 11.5 mil

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This helps a lot man, thanks for the explanation.

EO 1 is more make sense to me than 3 because the damage buff isnt that much and the reason i play EO because i dont wanna get locked if i overused my ability.
About raid captain engraving, how the scaling work with high swiftness? i hestitate to use it bcs i didnt really know how the scaling work was LOL.
I do agree about using spirit bomb awakening for the damage, with hype 3 the damage around 3.5-4 mil if i didnt crit and if crit it goes to 10mil.

Swiftness, among other things raises your move speed and it’s easy for a full swift build to get to the ms cap at +40%.
Raid captain provides 45% of your bonus ms as dmg % at lvl 3 so it’s a way to gain 18% extra damage with no downside attatched as long as you can keep ur ms up.

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Oh I definitely agree that it’s better to swap out for a different engraving at 3 and just put eo to 1, but the build i have is still decent as I get mvp a lot, not every time but yeah haha

Raid captain gives you a 18% damage increase when your move speed is maxed out which happens with max swift, so it’s essentially nearly a grudge without the penalty if youre doing swift anyways

Definitely more efficient builds though like you said 1 eo and 3 on another damage engraving

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Thats good engraving to consider. but at gs 1370 the max swiftness we can get only at 1350 right? so at 1350 swift = 23% ms + hype2 = 10% ms => 33% which translate somewhere around 13% bonus damage? im a right?
if i get worse quality and only manage to get around 1200 swiftness the efficiency will drop a lot no?

Awakening engraving for EO is pretty bad to be honest in my opinion…

the dmg your awakening will on average do (even on a 2.5m cd) doesnt justify the engraving compared to for example grudge3 or cursed-doll3 or even something like precice-dagger will most likely provide more overall dps than relying on your awakening.
also keep in mind that if you have to use your awakening more often, you will need to go into hype 3 more often which means more downtime in meditation.

would require some calculations and testing but im pretty sure that awakening engraving is a net-loss in any situation for EO

Pet bonus gives you 10% so you can get another 130ish on top of that

To be fair, I stuck on awakening as an extra as I wasn’t planning on having any extra at the moment since soulfist is going to be an alt for me when arcana launches, I was just adrenaline 3 eo 3 and raid captain 3 but I found some accessories that gave me awakening 2 as an extra for less than 1k gold