Epic Combat Engravings from Express event Bugged

this is the epic combat engraving box from express event. It looks normal right ? pay attention to the “24 others”.

this is a rare combat engraving box from other events. it says “33 others”. I don’t know why 33-24 = 9 engravings are missing, but those that are missing are relatively “new” engravings like hit master and propulsion which were released later than grudge, keen blunt etc.

Please fix this issue !


What if… its intended :eyes:

I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t see Hit Master on there, or Adrenaline, lol. I hope this is fixed soon.

Nice catch. Also pretty ridiculous that a thing like that exists and came through

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that makes no sense

Its the same as the mistake that you cannot dye shop costumes but you can dye the pass costume. They have weird item ID and the devs dont know what they are doing.