Epic Engraving Recipe Selection Chests (Class Exclusive) wrong tag

Hi Everyone,

Never using forum, but I wanted to put some attention + a heads up on the 2x 10 Epic Engraving Recipe Selection (Class exclusive) we get from the Welcome Challenge (10x from Bosses at the Hall II & 10x from reaching ilvl 1340)

Basically most of us know whenever we receive ‘‘selection chests’’ they say they are untradeable and whenever we exchange them to books ‘‘most of the times’’ they are tradeable.

Basically I already have my Class engraving on epic and didn’t need these books. Thought I would make some money out of them by exchanging them to berserker class engraving and sell them on the AH.


Same thing as always checking the chests it said they are untradeable and checking they engravings in the chests they are tradeable like always. Exchange them and they were untradeable.

Basically don’t get baited and make the same mistake I did. The welcome challenge Epic Class engraving (Selection) boxes are not tradeable.

Would love to get the boxes refunded, and if that is not possible please fix the text so other players do not get confused/baited by this.

TLDR: Welcome Challenge Epic Engraving Selection boxes (Class engravings) are UNTRADEABLE even though they say on the tooltip it is TRADEABLE

Thanks for reading and please be careful not to waste these books like I did :frowning:

Cheers everyone!

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Hi there,

This also happened to me when I decided to open the Sorcerer class books as they are selling for the most on my server. When I opened the chest initially to see if they were tradeable it said they were, once I opened the box and took the 10 out, all were untradeable. Please, please reverse this as this is clearly not defined proper on Lost Arks behalf.

Thank you,
Server: Mari

Indeed ^^, seems like its a common problem

Same thing happend to me, won’t happend again, but if this is not adressed, many more will fall for it :wink:

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Same thing happened here. Kzenya from Ladon server US East.
I took the exact same screenshots as you.

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i just did that mistake, is there a way to exchange them now ?

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You can’t you are stuck with these engravings now, still rocking the 20 mayhem engravings in my inventory

Yeah this happened to me today… What a BS. I wasted 3000 gold because of this @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Same happened to me, Kadan - Robinkasd

everything from welcome challenge is untradeable but yes its needs fixed looks like it time to make a beserker alt lol


Happened with me today, I saw the tradable in the selection, but it’s untradable after open …

Cymon Amazon, please I need a fix or give me back the box to select again … it’s a big bait to the players … really sad.

To be fair, it does say right in the tooltip for the chests themselves that the items contained within are not tradable.

I am sure they see it, but they won’t answer us, because they don’t want to bother helping just few people. Only money matters :slight_smile:

tooltip says it’s untradable, they won’t reverse anything, rip the 2-3k.

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I think they changed it, earlier there wasn’t this tooltip.

I doubt they changed it. I have uncommon selection chests in my roster storage from last month that had that same message in the tooltip. I think this really just boils down to impulsively opening a chest without carefully reading the tooltip. That’s why all of this stuff is in my roster storage.

Im not opening it impulsively, I read “tradable”, then open it. Description on books say tradable, but tooltip says otherwise, why do that, which should u trust, this is just dumb.

Look, I’m just telling you what’s there. You are literally skipping over a tooltip to read another one. You screwed up, and now you’re just making excuses to justify complaining on the forums about it. All of this info was there at the start - you just didn’t read it. Plain and simple.

Yeah I didnt read it, because I read another one, that should say the truth too. lol

The book it self, when you mouse over is “tradable” , I should trust on this right?