Epic Galewind Rune will not drop from T5 Guardians

I’m closing in on 450 runs, all T5 Guardians and still haven’t dropped the rune. I’ve checked all of my stashes and also the codex which says I have not found it. I’m really having hard time believing that it’s just bad RNG at this point, we are talking a good 27 hours of nothing but low level, pointless Guardian runs.

If someone were to do this just on soul harvests they would currently be 7 months deep, completing 2 guardians a day every single day and still nothing. Do you really expect players to be stuck in T5 for that long or to just run mindless unrewarding content like this for an egregious amount of time once they hit 1415?

Its never hard to believe in bad rng xd In your case is ultra heavy bad rng with cherry on top xd.


Really depends on the droprate. Like if something has a 50 percent chance to drop and you don’t get it in 1000 runs, sure “technically” it could just be bad RNG but chances are there would be something else causing the problem.

Maybe u dropped it already and just forgot about that ? I remember i dropped that epic one fast. How many epic galewind runes you have already?

lemme spice up things a little bit here: my friend got on the very first try on Deskaluda, right on the day valtan has released xd

Btw I got it last week doing only the harvests everyday

He cant drop epic not legendary.

Damn that’s depressing

I checked the Codex and all my storage tabs and I don’t have it. For Galewinds, I have every single one except for T5 and T6.

I would expect the T6 rune to be quite rare since it’s the last Guardian tier in the game and also a Legendary but 450+ runs for a T5 epic is just stupid.

Sad thats sick.

It is just RNG mate. I got it second kill first day… on the other hand moake has yet to drop a star OR crab for me. You win some you lose some

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I got it from deskaluda a while ago tho

I’m just tripping that the game thinks I allready got it or something. Don’t really want to spend another 30 hours running Armored Nacrasena if that’s the case as fun as that sounds lol

This is the purple on that drops from T5 Guardians.

I feel you. I play 2 servers and somehow I don’t have Alakkir island soul on my new main account. My main has been running Alakkir every day since the beginning of April lol. Not to mention I’ve done it a few times a day sometimes when pushing alts

The problem is that having both epic galewinds is sort of important and I could potentially never get one of them for the remainder of my time in the game. I just have a hard time believing it’s supposed to be this rare.

I bet every person in this thread who is farming Deska at this point has both of them.

There’s a couple guildies I know farming it a couple hours a day with no luck if it makes you feel better

I got 3 Crabs and the star in 5 Moakes. Rng really hits different. But I also have none of the t5 and t6 galewinds.

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I feel like the chance is higher with daily soul harvests.

Do you have a bunch of alts farming Yoho, or are you just powerfarming on 1 char?

I have one alt that I use on top of my main.

Back in the start of the game, I was playing really active and had 6 alts doing Igrexion and Nacrasena, by my calculations, it took me 300 tries to get it. Sometimes you are just really unlucky like me.