Equalize ping to balance pvp


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I was wondering if this isnt already the case. When I log in to EUW to play against some other players already known, I have twice the ping I have on EUC.

Everything is slower, but I hit better better with my bucket shot. :smiley:
Dont know if that has something to do with the ping…

and how are u planning to do that

so , that means when people have ping of 200 , the other 5 get the same shitty ping instead of 16 i have normally ?

or how should that work ?

so that everyone has the same experience in battlegrounds , its shitty for everyone ? that means its balanced ?

also if you play against someone with a bad ping , sometimes you cant hit them ( if you have a good ping )
im pretty sure it would conclude into some people would abuse that , if they know at the beginning of the game that a loss is incoming, they hit a button on a extern program to increase their ping in their side to increase the chance the enemy winning team perhaps gets a disadvantage by playing with bad pings to make the battle experience bad for everyone?

That could be one way to do it i guess, should also try to match people within a certain ping range as well maybe ?

Perhaps the equalized ping algorithm doesn’t affect based on ping changes during the fight but rather your average ping during normal gameplay