Equipped Noble Banquet Skin Disappeared

I bought the Noble Banquet Skin pack from the shop for blue crystals and equipped it on my character, and dyed it earlier today and logged off. When I logged back onto the character my skin was missing and it’s not in my inventory and storage. Oddly enough, the weapon skin didn’t vanish.

I did ask if I could revert my selection and get the skin selection chest again, so maybe the devs deleted it? I didn’t receive a replacement though.



Greetings @Donedad

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

I do recommend you to run the old reliable one: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

After the step above: try rebooting your PC as well as LA.

If that does not recover the skin then I need you to contact CS live channel, they will have to raise you a ticket in order the specialist team check your entitlements.

Patience is a virtue, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: