Erorr? or bug? somebody help

i just use free punika power pass for gunner mechanist, n now always crash in the screen loading

Somebody else mentioned that switching to DX9 fixed the issue for them, worth a shot

not work bro, for me :3 i change dx9 n still crash after login in loading to trixion, but other char stil can login

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue!

I’ve moved this over to the support section as this seems to be a technical issue which our support team is better equipped to handle.

until when sir? i waiting? i want play this class n please hury fix this

Hi @memori.fate

Hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry for that the game crashed when you log in your gunner mechanist.

Can you please try to verify the integrity of the games files with steam.

Here is the steps:

If the issue continues once you have done the steps, please can you tell me the following information.

gunner mechanist character name:

Character level:

Server name:

Confirm me that you are offline in order to try to move your character to another location to confirm if this problem is caused by character been stuck.

I’ll be waiting for your reply! :wolf:

thanks you sir, problem solved