Since the March 3rd Update I still have connectivity problems for days, the game disconnects several times a day. the Error reported is “Cannot connect to server. Exiting the game. [W0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT] and this [G0x9-SPELFWF1F2NT]”

Erro Lost Ark.

This happens when I enter DG, RAID, CHAOS, ABISS or when I change maps or when I am doing some activity in the world.

I’ve already opened 2 tickets on Amazon support and it’s been more than 72 hours without answers or solution to this problem.

I’m seeing several posts on the forum reporting the same problem on practically all game servers. It is impossible to play this way as we are losing all progress with these disconnections.

Amazon has to prioritize solving this problem and compensating the players who are being harmed by it!

I play in SA on Kazeros server and this is happening to many in SA. We need an urgent solution!


ISPs and Amazon are basically throwing the ball at each other. I have no idea what AGS did on March 3rd update, but this is exactly when shit started to hit the fan.

They closed my post (the “Under investigation…”).
Now I have been disconnected 3 times in the last 30 mins with the [[W0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT]…

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Same problem with thousands of players but they do nothing and amazon customer service told me “your router must be old hee hee”

what a shame

This is becoming a norm, and this is really pathetic. I try not to be mad but I am in the same predicament as you and unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it. I have this disconnection several times a week. I have reached out to AGS support and nope that’s just too bad. They said it is usually due to too many players in a single channel. Well…events that require numbers in players basically you are risking your chance of loot vs disconnection. Still going to play the game but one day or soon I might not because of disconnection issue alone.

The server’s loading and response has been faster but this disconnection issue is still on going and has not gotten better. You probably know the feeling when your there 10-15mins before the event starts only to find out the second it spawns that your disconnection. YOU KNOW THE FEELING? Now multiple that several times a week. This becomes a nightmare, now I worry more if I will get disconnected more than what loot I’ll get. Not the kind of experience you want from “enjoying” the game right? lol


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i ve got now the 2nd time disconnected from the game while in a chaosdungeon with aura of resonance active. this time i ve got back into the game to finish the stage in time, but last time with my main (with aura active too) i werent as lucky as today. please fix your damn connections. losing honing materials because of ingame bugs really sucks

Yesterday and today ive been getting disconnected every 30 minutes or so this is just unplayable… I have perfect internet and ive done everything they said about fixing that issue… But still i cant play the game more than 30 minutes… I play in eu central servers thirain server…

Same thing keeps happening to me as well. Getting random disconnects, mainly 17-22pm. It was happening in the beginning, when the servers launched. It stopped happening, largely, but today it started happening again. Support told me to look in the forums, as “the Devs look at the forums a lot” and “it will be easier for them to see and find a solution”. Seems quite fishy to me.