Error 10010 - Accounts with Error

Error 10010 is directly linked to accounts. I can’t play, only if I sign in with another Steam account. Can someone help me?

I used this program,I did an analysis and I gave it to repair mainly where it said something about web pages, something about TLS protocols something like that and after that I was able to enter
I play with windows 7 from steam.
I hope it helps you.
error 10010 - how to fix error.

Open the path in this file:

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame\Config\UserOption.xml

Scroll to the end of the text and overwrite this:


Now i have no 10010 issue

What do you mean by “overwrite” it? Overwrite with what? Or maybe you wanted to say “delete” it?

It makes no sense the change the Network Settings or disable IPv6

The solution is is easy:

10010 means that no Region is choose!

Look in the file
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame\Config\UserOption.xml

search for the entry


and replace it with


now you have no 10010 problem anymore!

my region was showing< RegionID> so i added RegionID>EA</RegionID EA for Eastern America. But that still didn’t work.

Okay thats not good :frowning:

For me it works, maybe choose an other region “WE”

nope WE didn’t, ill try WA

hahahahahahaha xDDDD

Still doesn’t work for me

same problem 10010 pls amazon fix this

Mine says EA and still have the issue.

I had the error 10010 for 2 months. I tried the other solutions posted by Lost Ark, DNS flush and admin mode on steam, disable ivp6 and dont use VPN. I have tried everything, 3 times, and they all didnt fix it.

This right here… IDK why it worked. My region was set to WE. I
changed it to WA, and instead of error it opened just fine but under the wrong region.
I changed it back to WE, and its fixed. I can finally play again.

Try this if your having error 10010!