Error 10010 and fighting bots

Hello everyone,

I’m one of victims of amazon way to fight bots by blocking some IP’s from ability to access to connect to Lost Ark. I made a ticket to support about 10 days ago. I work as ISP engineer so I have little some knowledge.

So I ask how we can trust our IP’s ?
How i can delist from Your

I’ve checked some sites for VPN detection: → no vpn detected → got high score 63, VPN/Proxy detected so i made a delisting ticket… and they go up with my score to 93 so probably this is fraud site. (mby amazon use their api ?! )

Every single of this sites shows my real ISP, so this test pass good to proove that I or my ISP don’t have VPN. I also have static ip, since more than 1 year.

You ask me to check many things out in my pc, like ipv6 protocol, cleam my windows dns etc. all connected to operating system errors. Noone asked about traceroute or any other more relevant tests.

My steam works well, i tested 6 other steam games → they work well, they all are online games.
Anyway, what is reason to disable IPv6 on my pc if You won’t check my router protocol? If router is IPv6 then You see connection by IPv6. Even if i disable ipv6 protocol to communicate with my router my router still will communicate by IPv6.

You have choosen to block some ISP/ip ranges to fight bots. It’s one of ways, but to be honest mby try to block Virtual Machines ? probably noone of normal players play on VM. I’m greedy to know if that will help better. Also You can provide AI analyze if there is actions that are repeatable by more than one charracter. All of Lost Ark players have meet a bot, they all runs in same schematic, same positions → try to make a system that analyze it, and send a popup with something “our brilliant antibot suggest that some of your behaviors act like a scripting → solve it 2+2 = ?” also provide some anti-ocr with question or something, also list all accounts that are logged in in last 14 days, deploy patch and check list again. No bots in game ? if they are gone, prepare new list everyday, every week. some bots appear ? compare list from before the patch and check it with new data. Use Your own AWS to solve it.

I’ve bought royal crystals and I’m nearly to ask to give my money back. I not violated ToS, You are discriminating me becouse of my location? Becouse of my ISP? nothing about that in ToS, but there are about that in international law, that You should obey.

So I’m asking → when i will be able to access game?

AGS made a complete meme of themselves… They don’t know shit…
I’ve been in contact with support and the CMs for the past 10 days and they don’t even even publicly acknowledge that there is an issue with what they did several patches ago (the so called VPN Block). There isn’t a 10010 megathread that everyone is pointed, even though there are 100s of posts on the forum about it…

So, what worked for me → if you search the forums, some of the CMs are recommending WARP by Cloudflare (, which is “NOT A VPN solution”, but a DNS resolver, kekw.

Using that I can get back in, bypassing 10010 completely. It doesn’t change my geolocation, so technically it doesn’t breaches ToS, even though with the level of competency those guys demonstrate you can probably get ban hammered for it anyways… CMs flat out refuse to confirm/deny if it’s ok to use it when directly asked.

I’m saying this openly here, bacuse I have no ill intent towards the game, but AGS are just being complete pepegas about it, so we don’t really have an option.

I’m done with waiting on AGS do solve anything, they’re too focused on milking cash from the new content than fixing existing issues…

From here on they either begin their redemption ark or completely destroy any repuation they have left as a publisher…

it seems like they have a solution for patch to use “vpn like” software to bypass they own security added by patch… but noone want hadly say to “Yes you can use it free and legit” to not be punished by AGS… and if they check if we were using it → they have free to ban us ?!

There are enough posts on the forums, if you serach where different CMs are reccomending different solutions. As some CMs are recommending this as a solution, so I have all the evidence to argue with screenshots and stuff. (not that I’m not scared that it’ll take like a month to go through AGS support with a valid claim)

Evidence that I’m not bs’ing:

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etc, etc… the forums are full of this templated answer.

Also, let’s not forget that if you’ve not done anything wrong, you shouldn’t be punished for it…

AGS will eiter start a redemption ark soon or this will be part of their villain origin story…