Error 10010 and You: What's Going On

As you know, there’s a lot of threads going on here with players posting their own variation of what’s happening with their own log in account and their experience with writing into the Support site. I am here to give my own take on what’s going on. This comes from my own experiences working in this industry as I have actual experience on what’s going on here and how I would handle it if I was the one owning this situation. I’ve done research into other threads and done experiments of my own while writing into the support team to test out their responses.

Is this my Fault?
No this is not your fault, despite what the support may be telling you or what Roxx might be posting on other threads. This is not your fault. This was the results of the latest IP Ban wave that occurred to combat bots. What likely happened was they targeted IP addresses that are used by multiple players at once because it seemed like bots were using them.

Ex: Apartment Complexes - Many apartment complexes have one ISP provider who provides a static IP address to all the residents. If you live in a high volume city like Los Angeles or Seattle. It’s possible your IP addresses was flagged as an BOT IP because of all the players in your complex using the same IP Address to log on to play the game.

It’s safe to argue that instead of investigating each IP address, Amazon did a blanket ban of all IP Addresses that had X+ players using the IP Adress as a safe way to assume they were bots. YOu were incorrectly IP banned and regardless of how much people say its your ISP problem. It’s not.

2. Why is support unable to help/ Seems out of the loop

I wrote in to support, and the results were less than satisfactory. I feel they’re slowly realizing that this is their issue and are starting to seed it out to agents, but the issue here is their live response system is slow. 24 hours after the problem occurred, there’s been no proper escalation paths to support to let them know of the situation. As a result you see some agents giving wrong information or literally googling the first result and trying to share that as the solution even though it won’t work. I ask that you recognize this is not Support’s fault. They are doing the best they can with limited information. This is a symptom of a faulty escalation path that is preventing the developers from communicating with agents to deliver a heads up. In our world, this is literally classified as a Sev 1 incident and should have been brought to supports attention as quickly as possible to start assuaging fears. It seems they don’t get live issue support as well as other games do and this is the thing causing the most fear. It’s very likely the devs are aware and looking into this but aren’t escalating to the agents so they can assist us. Instead being very hush hush. Please be patient on this regard.

3. Devs and this Sev1
So we get to the crux of this problem and it’s the following. The Devs have screwed up and they were given an important choice. Roll this back and try to find the solution while impacting all the players with a decreased performance. Keep this change and find the solution while impacting a small subsection of the players with NO PERFORMANCE. As is evident by the threads you see posted everywhere, they went with the latter option. They chose to make the most painful experience possible for few players than harm everyone with Bot queues again. (News flash this still failed). This sucks, and is honestly the worst of the two options. Alienating your player base to fight the bots is tough but you should never choose the option to fully alienate a small amount versus causing some pain to everyone. And this is where I disagree with the party. And in keeping to this choice, they’ve decided to double down on the it’s our fault not theirs stance in line with their choice. Frankly this is unacceptable and the lack of communication combined with… almost gaslighting response is horrendous and something that needs to be changed.

4. What can I do though?
Right now we can’t do much, because it’s not our fault and we literally can’t do anything. Writing in to support can help but please don’t hassle the agents. They’re a victim just as much as we are due to what appears to be faulty escalation paths. Use support to make them aware so they can escalate on our behalf. Considering the devs or no one from the team has made an official announcement on this also means the following.



It’s important that this is not brushed over or ignored and despite what they might tell you about not flooding the forums. We are literally going onto day 3 of what any other game company would classify as a SEV 1 INCIDENT (Sev 1 is the worst possible crisis for a game). So make your voices heard. Spam the forums, do not let this die. Not until we get proper communication. Not until we get a voice to reach out to us. This is their fault and do not let them get away with this. Fight back with your voice. Go to steam.

Because at the end of the say, speaking as an industry expert specialized in this. This is a Sev 1 being not being given its proper respect and we’re suffering for it for literally no reason.

So please keep fighting, and keep doing your best to force a response because this is unnacceptable.


My god Amazon needs to just higher you. This post was more reassuring then then anything any mod has said past/present. Yeah I plan on making a new post about this every single day on the forums until they get rid of the blanket IP ban. Or at the very least say ANYTHING.

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Honestly, a better post than any amazons support or mod on the forums.


Very well said and better than anything the community mods have put forth.

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Very informed and nice post about the isp bans :+1:

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This is absolutely unacceptable communication. Three days of players being unable to play is so much more severe than it looks from their mod posts. After contacting support multiple times, being told it was an IP problem, resetting/repairing everything, I got one email that said to unlink Steam/Amazon. Unlinking these accounts seemed to work for me (but I don’t know if it will work for everyone). Will update later if it randomly starts NOT working again…

EDIT: I was mistaking. Linking/unlinking was not the solution, it was just simply well-timed. Switching it back on/off did not change my ability to play. It seems they reversed the mass IP ban?


Cheers to you @Newrikey. When there’ve been no changes made to hundreds (maybe thousands) of player’s network setups- seemingly all playing without a VPN- and then suddenly all of those players cannot access the game due to an alleged VPN or network proxy on their end- WE HAVE AN ISSUE THAT NEEDS TO BE ESCALATED. We also have a situation that should be clearly addressed, at the very least, with a new pinned thread on this forum.

This lack of communication, coupled with the denial of responsibility, is what infuriates me as a customer. In my experience, the customer support representatives are completely oblivious that there might be a widespread issue here. This lack of communication between departments is sad and pathetic- do better Amazon and AGS.

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Mine is working now as well. Pretty odd they don’t speak about the problem then fix it without an announcement.

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mine has not been fixed unfortunately still getting the same error :confused: and no statement from mods kind of sucks

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I’ve been studying this issue from different angles for the past two days since I was banned and have come to a very similar conclusion to your post, you’ve done a great job of summarizing the issue and analyzing the AGS team and how they handle it, your post is the best I’ve seen on the forum. Hopefully the officials will be here to see and restore our blocked issue.

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Three days is if you’re lucky. I was locked for an entire week, and that was close to a month ago. Then two weeks later, when they rolled out another mass IP ban, I got locked out for four days. It’s been an ongoing issue since they started rolling out the IP bans around a month ago, I believe.


Day 4 of lock out for me, still no luck :frowning:


Day 5 of my 10010 lockout. Customer Support continues to say this is an issue ONLY I can resolve. I’ve tried all their troubleshooting, but still unable to get past the title menu and 10010.

@Roxx do you have any input on the apparent 10010 error spike, which directly proceeded the 6/8/22 anti-botting measures? Please, I would greatly appreciate it.

Many people were wrongly banned on June 8, but it’s been so many days since any official CM or CS has responded to the matter. Think of other ways. We are just a small part of the AGS that doesn’t care.

An update by AGS would be quite nice. It’s been several days without any explanation. @Roxx Bro are you still here?

It seems for a moment, they undid the IP Bans but it led to a massive influx of bots coming back leading to hours long log in queues.

So they redid the IP bans.

Be prepared folks, if you were wrongly IP banned. AGS looks to be doubling down on reducing bots for the players who can and drafting a giant middle finger to all the casualties along the way.

IT guy here. I have a suggestion for AGS Network Admin. Rather than banning IP addresses based on IP pools and subnets from ISP layers, why doesn’t AGS start issuing MAC Address bans based on EAC user data? When a bot connects to the server, a list of MAC Addresses gets issued to the server and they can eliminate any common addresses that may be WAN related but ban outliers that belong to the machines bot players use.

Machine (Mac Address) → ISP/VPN(Common MAC Address route) → Servers (Read) - Ban Machine Address upon detection. → ISP layer gets untouched and there is less/no collateral as a result. Just a thought!

Yeah I was one of the players that got IP banned when they messed up and was randomly unbanned after two days after them telling me it was my ISP. No clue what they are doing.