Error 10010 Don't let us play

At 23 march everythings was fine till evening , i just closed the game for dinner after i came back error 10010 happened , i test every single hints and tricks on youtube, reddit, LA forumes, etc… but nothing fixed it, except palying the game with VPN , as this happend i just share it with my friends they all had same problem, we are playing from Iran and just wanna know if it’s a amazon issue or our country… if none, just help us solve this. VPN connections has lots of problems like sudden disconnecting , High ping and more and more…
And also i have to say i have 4 chars 1372 1325 1070 and 450 , played this game for 529 hours as pre release…

I guess it is neither one of those. Just a country which amazon does not have publishing rigths.

And then why they let us play till now ?

I don’t know, but i don’t think it was intentionally.

We have tons of games without any probs in Steam , origin games , ubisoft games, rockstar games, all of them are in good state of playing without needing of VPN…
even New World by Amazon it self is OK…

These are the regions amazon is allowed to publish Lost Ark right now.
If your country is not on that list, then the game will be unavailable for you.
Im sorry, i dont think there is anything anybody can do about it.

I dont think if it is about publishing nor we couldn’t have this game even for buy or download
But tnx for ur rply
Hope an administrator see this topic And answer a Fix method…

I agree that it is weird that they allowed you to connect without a VPN for so long but the bottom line is that your region is not officially supported. This is not something that they will be fixing as that would involve making significant alterations to their license to publish from SMG.

:pensive: as i can see we have to forget about hard trying this game…
wasted 530 hours of Game play.

They were pretty clear about which regions they would be covering. Your ability to connect was most likely a severe oversight. Sorry to hear you invested so much :slightly_frowning_face:

do you understand that this is ridiculous? they talked about the regions where they would give access to the game, but even I from Russia played quietly without VPN for 400 hours, but on the 23-24 after I went out for a couple of hours, this error began to come out, so it’s their mistake since they themselves violated the zone of raspostroenie and brought the regions

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I had been playing for a couple of hours and was in a stall faceting a stone when I got kicked out of the game. I blamed it on the solar flares honestly - but I also came up with the 10010 - I live in the Eastern United States and have been playing my player in Central Europe. - I checked other posts etc and really do not want to play around with VPN’s. I have decided after trying everything else to uninstall the game and re-download it. If that doesn’t work I sure will be sending a scathing email to someone at Amazon or to Steam - as I do not know exactly who is to blame for this mess --I am OLD for game playing and retired so I have little to no patience for such bull-crap. Not only that - I bought a platinum ticket back last fall and have been buying that blasted Crystalline aura.

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Okay - I went into Windows and uninstalled the app Lost Ark and then spent over 2 hours downloading - but it did the trick - and I am now playing.

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Good you got it to work