Error 10010 + EAC Offline + Constant Disconnects. Game Unplayable

I am getting EAC offline errors as well as 10010 errors. These are leading to disconnects and 10 seconds later, a client disconnect/crash. During progression week, this is leading to delaying raids and waiting for reset tickets which can take up to 1 8-24 hours.

I have tried:
A. Relinking my Steam/Twitch accounts.
B. Removing command to use all processor cores.
C. Removing Korean Voiceover Pack.
D. Fresh reinstall of Lost Ark.
E. Calling ISP and obtaining new AT&T router.
G. Changing IPv4 to and (DNS Google/Cloudflare)
H. Disabling IPv6.
I. Restarting PC multiple times as well as client.
J. Using mobile hotspot to rule out ISP issue.
K. Turning off peripheral program from Corsair.
L. Disabling TLS 1.2
M. Updating EAC with Administrator Mode
N. Allowing EAC/Lost Ark through Firewall.
O. Verifying game files.
P. ipconfig /flushdns /registerdns /release /renew + netsh winsock reset
Q. Opening Ports 18887 – 18903
R. Windows Updated
S. Drivers Updated

Location: Texas // Connecting to US East Una
GPU 1080ti FTW 11G
CPU 3900X
ISP: AT&T Fiber 1 GB down 1 GB up

This is a copy paste with adjustments from OP " [elusivebooger] " since our issues are literally the same

Anyone have any idea what could be happening. lost numerous chaos dungeons, locked on brel gates, lost guardian souls, and the game is unplayable at this point and have done everything under the sun at this point from other forum posts. i just want to play the game man.

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It’s not on your end.

Welcome to the real end game of Lost Ark Raiding, EAC disconnects.

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man its unplayable rn on the release week of brel, im literally at the end of my sanity, hindering groups to wait for me to reconnect , if i even do. dc on gate 2 twice. dc on brel 4 , thank god it was after i got my loot, but man i just wanna play the game


ah, dont we all :smile_cat:

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Yes, it’s not your problem, you can not do anything against it. It’s a problem at AGS’s side.
They have not been able to repair it for more than one whole month.


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