Error 10010 - my harrowing journey (>'.')>

Region: NA East
Server: Avesta
Location: NY

6/8/22 lunchtime: I log in, without issue, and do some Una’s tasks. I log out, planning to get back on after work. Also can’t wait for reset day tomorrow!

6/8/22 evening: I try to log in and receive the 10010 error- the Code of Conduct notice leads me to a ban appeal? Ok, so I fill out a support ticket with AGS. I’m told there are no penalties or bans on the account and that I should try the common troubleshooting recommendations. I tried those, they didn’t work, so I responded to the ticket asking for further assistance. I was denied- being told they’d: “reconfirmed our initial decision that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case”. Furthermore, they would not be responding to any further messages from me here. Well…disciplinary action is news to me…now, for the first time, I’m concerned. What do I even do next? The rep specifically told me they won’t respond to me further here. This is what bad customer support looks like.

6/9/22: Next, I try a new ticket. This time AGS responds and directs me to Amazon Customer Support live chat. That CS rep there offers the same troubleshooting tips, as well as some additional tips. Surprise! None of these work. I go back to live chat and get reconnected to a new rep now. I have the pleasure of waiting, while they get up to speed. Then, they advise me to contact my ISP, because it seems to be their issue. Ok, now I’m upset. Clearly, the ones who should know, don’t know that there’s potentially a widespread issue going on here. This is something I realized within minutes of getting onto these forums.

Still 6/9/22: I tell myself to calm down, this poor CS rep hasn’t been told a thing by their management team. I tell the rep I’ve already contacted my ISP- they confirmed there have been no changes and there are no issues with my connection. Now, I ask that the matter be escalated. Literally one or two seconds before the Amazon rep closes the chat window- they advise they will reach back out to me on SUNDAY (6/12/22), if there’s been no update from the technicians before then. Well, you already closed the chat, so I suppose we have a date for Sunday.

6/10/22: I sit here on the forums, desperately searching for any acknowledgement of the issue from Amazon. Ohh, your technicians have researched the issue thoroughly and can’t reproduce it? It’s an issue on the player’s end? OOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKK. This could simply be incompetence, but it feels more like a line they’ve been provided. Just another canned response, which will hopefully dispel all notions that there’s a bigger problem here.

After all, the customer service reps will just have to deal with the angry customers, right? The players who’ve invested their time and money into the game? ‘Oh, well they’ll just have to figure out what the issue is and fix it on their end. Yes, that’s the same issue which our technical professions can’t seem to reproduce, let alone fix.’ Is anyone else seeing a problem here?

Amazon/AGS, your customer support division and technicians (and I specifically mean anyone in management) should truly be ashamed with the handling of this recent situation. Then again, I suppose that only happens when you give a damn about the matter. And if you do care, it’s clearly not enough.


I feel your pain. I went through pretty much the same thing. All I want is someone from AGS to say that they know there is an issue and provide some assurance that it will be fixed. But unfortunately, we sit here twiddling our thumbs until AGS gets their act together.


Greetings @McNuggetor and @bungbo,

Our apologies for the long time in getting to you on this post and I am sorry to hear you have been having difficulties getting into the game based on error “10010”. We can assure you our devs have thoroughly reviewed the root cause for this error and have determined it is caused by specific settings on your Network and not directly caused by the game or servers. The most common cause for the error is the use of a VPN or proxy redirect, however, there are other settings specific ISP’s may use which can also cause this to happen. As an example we can use what what has been pointed out elsewhere that the game is accessible on some mobile network whereas not on the ISP network.

Unfortunately, given this is not directly caused by our servers or by settings we can tweak on our end, there is no fix that can be applied by us either but you can find several possible work around steps that may help override your network settings that could be causing the error found here:

I hope you find this helpful. See you in Arkesia. :wolf: