Error 10010 (NO VPN, NO 3RD P.P.)

First off, i know about the VPN ban. This post is not about that, at least I hope not.

Since this morning I have been getting this error despite NOT using any VPN nor any kind of third party program at all.

Has anyone has this problem or does anyone know what may be causing it? Thank you very much.

Region is EUW and server is Stoneheart. Been liking this game a lot and I don’t want to be put off due to unknown reasons. Also, I’m from Spain, so it should be a supported country.

There are various ways you can clear this if its not related to the VPN Block which also seems to have blocked legitimate ISPs.

You can try flushing your DNS, disabling IPv6 and verifying your game files through Steam. Those are probably good starting points. Sometimes people say a simple reboot of your PC will clear the issue as well.

Please don’t make this sound like it is a non-issue.

Read here:

There is a subset of the population that effectively got banned by the VPN blockers with no workaround for, except changing ISPs (or using VPN, not even memeing…). If you got the short straw this time, there is nothing you can do about it (confirmed by CMs/Support), best you get is “working on it”

I know, I’m one of those people affected by Amazon blocking legitimate ISPs. Confirmed: Amazon Blocked My ISP re:10010 Issue

But its probably best to start with the basics, especially if he’s only been experiencing the issue starting this morning.

Sorry, if I am overreacting here, this shit isn’t funny anymore…

Bro I have same code without any VPN reset factory PC still have same problem no matter what trying all methods that I see here nothing come true…I have 11 alt main 1400. And there still more boots than real players now

Everyone here is this exact same situation. I’ve personally reported this to AMZN support 3 days ago. Sorry to inform you that there is no ETA today if you got the short end of the stick.

You can go into the topic I’ve linked a couple of posts above, read the CMs reccomendations for troublesooting 10010, those might help solve something for you.

I also have the error 10010 since Friday I do not use vpn

No its fine. I know how you’re feeling. I’m even more aggravated finding out that Amazon flagged and blacklisted my ISP as a VPN provider.

As far as I can tell, rather than try & list all known VPN suppliers, all AGS has done is get a list of the main ISP for auth counties, put them on the allow list & block anybody not on the list.

This isn’t correct either. My ISP doesn’t connect, while my neighbors different ISP does connect without issue. Same country, same geographic for IPs.

Its more like they got some third parties list of “VPN Providers,” never verified anything, and just let it ride.

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I didn’t say country or location, I said ISP - Which you just proved as one ISP does connect & one does not. :wink: