Error 10027 servers overloaded

Same here, what is going on ?

everyone and their dog wanting to play at the weekend and server infrastructure not in place to handle it

Same, all over the place!

People start getting mad :imp:

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Changed from different errors to this one now as well.

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Yup, same here EU

Servers are definitely overloaded. We’re aware of this, aware of the queuing errors, and actively working with SGR to improve the situation


Just got that error myself, I have been playing for the past 3 hours and I stupidly went back to the server select screen just to check something and it kicked me out with that error, I have since rebooted and still the same error :frowning:

When? XD


Same issue… was 4 hours in queue and got stuck and kicked out

I went through the error by restarting the game again and again.

Now lets go through the 9k+ queue.


It’s fine now (don’t jinx it though :D).

I just rebooted the game and got past the error…now sat in a 4.5k queue which isn’t too bad!

Could just be trial and error until its fixed I guess…

Why smilegate choosing to work with AGS…worst gaming studio ever


The same here , AG you gone destroy another game ? Stop resolving problems everytime you try too resolve you make it whorst , you are making the same mistakes that you did on New World


After getting this several times and restarting the client also, I finally got past that into the 16k queue… :X

You risk loosing hardcore concurrent players.
Content is awsome, player interactment from mods and dev are ok minus.
This is a really great game and alot of us would drop tons of money into it.

BUT, when we cant get in you set a dangerous vedge between me and a great game. This is not easly forgotten and we cant blame it on “new launch”.

Please communicate fast and good, promise us a fix, tell us how and make us feel important.

Good luck in the shitstorm that is comming xD


I guess the didn’t need to be competent to get the contract, they only needed a lot of money.

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Incredible, after thousands of attempts to connect and choose a server, it allows me to do it, it puts me in a queue at number 18403, I say, I’m going to take a nap, 1 hour and a half later I come back, it got stuck at 12340 and with an error with the only option to leave.

What happen ? For this I bought a pack of founder?