Error 105 Character stuck at Port Krona

Hello. I’m trying to do that quest that takes you to the Krona port but anytime i get anywhere near that port my game crashes with the error 105. I’ve checked the integrity of the game files. I talked to a moderator that had tried to move me to another zone which worked. But as soon as i try to do the quest to get to port krona i get the same crash. I have deleted and reinstalled the game which did not fix this. Restarted my game had the moderator move my character. I’m able to login to the character but get the same error 105 anytime trying to do this quest. I’m just trying to get the boost at this point to get another character to 50 because my main is now unplayable.

Realized that the crash only happens when trying to dock the ship

I get the same error on my alt ONLY when trying to up an elevator in Anrethine(spelling error). But since it crashed in that area, it wont let me log in with my alt. All my other characters are fine.

so I added my steam folder an exception to my antivirus, delete, and reisntalled Lost Ark, not steam, and mine is working now!!