Error 105 please help

The game keeps stuck on a loading screen and then crush with this error i tried every fix i could find on google nothing helped. what do i do ? please help


So you did a game files check in steam and also reinstalled/redownloaded the game?

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I tried to verify the files, the only thing i did try is to reinstall/redownloaded because my internet is super slow it will take me more then a day to download the game :frowning:

Are you playing on EUC/EUW?

my friends are all in the game already watinig for me to do clown .

Hello @benzaguri11 ,

Greetings to you! :handshake:

I am sorry to know about error 105 on your account.

Is this error coming up after selecting a character or right after launching the game?

After steam files verification you can restart the PC and then relaunch the game.

As the pop up suggest the second step would be to reinstall the steam client.

Let me know if this helps, in the meanwhile I will check for other possible solutions.

Please note that if this is happening on a single character, help me with IGN and server name so that I can try to relocate it.

Thank you @steelraven for helping the community! :sparkles:

Right after selecting a character on ,
and i will try to reinstall steam client.
thank you

So i reinstall the steam client as you suggested
it deleted the game and now I gotta wait for it to download and install so I guess i’ll update you in a few hours :frowning:
thank you

Ohh okay I will wait for your update.

Just a quick update i finally finish downloading and installing. the game works fine now
thank you



Happy Gaming! :magic_wand: