Error 106, EAC, Linux

After launching the game through proton on Ubutnu, EAC loads up and after a minute game shows Error 106 Security module initialization failure. Pls fix


Any luck yet???

It is ridiculous not enabling the EAC for linux! its just a minor update!

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Any updates on this? Was going to give this game a try but ran into this trying to launch


+1, any fix yet?

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Estoy intentando correr Lost Ark en Manjaro 20.04 LTS y el juego no inicia, en cambio, aparece una advertencia de error 106.
¿No hay soporte para EAC en linux aún en 2022?
Un saludo y gracias por vuestros esfuerzos.

Still same error.
Using CrossOver 22 Beta on a MBP 16"M1 Max

Hello @Bruster,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues starting up the game due to an EAC error. I heavily suggest against replying on top of older posts in order to avoid having yours overlooked and also due to the fact several patches have been applied since this post was last replied to, possibly addressing the initial issue and even if yours seems similar, it may not be the same.

This has been addressed with the possible work around for it and has been posted here:

We’ve posted some troubleshooting steps on our official site as well:

Please give these troubleshooting steps a try and do not hesitate adding your details in the main thread quoted above if the steps do not clear it for you.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Hello, Fenrir.
Thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately, the problem still persists as shown below. I took a look around the web and saw that EAC/Proton must be enabled for it to work on Linux/MacOS. So I guess this thread isn’t solved yet.

Any thoughts?

Proton is a promised land that’s not gonna happen anytime soon:

I think the thread Fenrirskoll linked is about the Windows EAC random errors not trying to launch game on Linux (which you want).

If you want to play the game you will have to dual-boot Windows no other way around it. (unless you’re okay paying then GFN subscription priority tier is pretty nice, 30 seconds to connect, 6h of uninterrupted play, game always up-to-date.)

Hello @Bruster and thank you @turbulencje for your very accurate answer on this,

My apologies, the thread I linked to previously does indeed cover general EAC errors with basic troubleshooting for them but it does not address the use of any OS besides Windows given we do not support any other. Perhaps you can try what @turbulencje mentions as an alternative to get this running but, from the support perspective, we would not be able to guide you further.

Another thing you may want to try out is to open a thread under the General Discussion section of the forums as if to check if, from another player’s experience, there is something you can try out.

Best of lucks! :wolf: