Error code when logging in 10031

logging in after patch getting error 10031 and then just getting booted tried multiple times.
may i have some help id like to play.

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Happening to me as well. Clean account, F2P, and never exploited (cheating, RMT, VPN) so it shouldn’t be related to account issues.

yea same first time ive ever had issues to.

same just happened to me

what is that code anyways. i just got it as well

assuming something to do with them still doing maintenance

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ok thanks.

it is, it didn’t pop on me this time. it let go me back to the server screen and still says maint.

I have the same problem cannot connect to server.[10031]

Same problem but for EUC

Same problem here

same here, happens before server selection

Cannot connect to the server [10031] What is going on?

Same here, and I have tried both with my PC and my laptop, with the same result: 10031

works now for me after few restarts

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Same problem here, play 1 hour, go to school to my soon, and when come back… this error.

Yup, Asta, EUC, Error Code 10031
Got booted while ingame, then on restart the error

Edit: 5th restart let me in (didnt change anything)

repair your easy anticheat worked for me

Restart steam and it works!

I could also log on after a while and a few more tries (but without doing anything on my part)