Error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT in NA East

I am playing in NA East regulus.

I only get this error when in dungeons. So far today I am unable to complete a single armored narcrasena (already 5 attemps) as I would always get booted out due to the error. I am sure it isn’t a connection issue on my end because I have twitch streaming on a different monitor.

Checking if anyone else in NA is also suffering from this issue.

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Yep… problem is all over and we are trying to get help but get no answers… @Lyon @Jormungandrh

Same here. It got worse since the last March update. I lost one golden gate loot in chaos, 1 cube, 2 or 3 raids so far.
BTW, the game gets super laggy every 2 mins.

I can’t even attack anything without it lag spiking and then i usually end up dead when it comes back… then 2 mins later get kicked from the error

There’s like a dozens topics and thousands of posts about it yet no tangible answer from AWS. @Roxx @Standor What’s the status on this issue, please? This is getting worse over days.

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I’ve also had this pop up today with no errors happening before. I already went through the recommended tips to fix this and nothing has so far. Sometimes the error actually shows up, and sometimes I get stuck on a black screen where if I wait for 5 or so minutes the previous screen shows up. What’s weird is after the screen shows up I can’t do anything, the game doesn’t respond at all but I’m still connected since I can see guild chat during it, but I can’t reply or type at all.

Was in touch with the CS. Apparently they are aware of this issue but just didn’t communicate it to players.

I have dc from chaos dungeons, guardian raids and pvp without fail (1 in 2 entries will be a dc). Started since Friday. Super turn off trying to do stuff. Now I am not sure if they will replace our abyss entries if we got booted due the error.