Error: g0x9-spelpwp1p2nt

I keep seeing that many people are having the same error that I am: g0x9-spelpwp1p2nt

Is this being fixed in the update?

The same troubleshooting message continues to get copy and pasted and not one person has been able to successfully fix the issue with these instructions. Can we please get someone to look into this or at least a statement about this? We’ve all paid for the founders edition. Something has to give.

I’m on Una, character name is idstabthat. I’m seeing that it’s happening to different people in different servers and no fix is being offered. Stop copying and pasting the same response please. We love the game, I’d rather have someone tell me it’s being looked into and not copypasta the same message over and over.


May I also add that most of us tried…

1.] Portforward and allow Firewall access.
2.] Reinstalling.
3.] EAC repair.
4.] Disabled IPV6.

Please understand that I have fiber connection and it’s very stable! 500Mb/s Up and Down. I tried other games and I haven’t got a single disconnection for hours!


this seems to be a common error creeping around huh. Whats weird for me is I’m the only one in my entire guild who seems to get this and I also experience bad rubber banding sometimes especially when I first join a area after teleporting it takes like 10 seconds for everything to pop in. It seems to be on their end not ours if I’m being honest. The problem occurs even more often if I stream. I tried obs and other streaming software and after 5 minutes of streaming despite being on 500/500 I always get disconnected with this error. I thought I was only one suffering thru this. First day of launch I streamed for 8 hours with no problems so seems its on their end.

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The stranger thing too is I can play an alt with no problem

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This is a joke now. Opened a ticket like all the replies suggest and they copy and pasted the exact same troubleshooting message.

@jdomi1106 I can see that too. It’s bad… really bad. No help either!

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imagine being unable to play for 24 hours because of the same error code when just trying to login in.

Imagine that being the case after you’ve paid early access for a free game and support copying and pasting something that doesn’t work.

Customer service go brrrr

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ffs do i seriously have to open a friggin support ticket to get the same copy paste crap that they are using on the forums? this is a BIG issue … i am not gonna play any more because if i doo im at risk of going over the limit of refund from steam think its 2hours … played 110mins MOST of that been in the loading screen / cutscenes … hell i managed to kill the trolls in the first area b4 getting my last error … but im dammed if im gonna waste any more time on this … i REALLLY do NOT want another new world …