Error [G0X9-SPELPWP1P2PT] Disconnects after 10mins~ ingame

Hey, I’ve attempted to fix this problem for the past month but this issue is getting to the point where the game is unplayable . I’m currently being disconnected after about 2-10 minutes in-game from multiple different issues (More info below).

Troubleshooting attempted (Not in order of attempt)

  • Verify Game Files after each troubleshooting attempt
  • Added Lost Ark on Windows Defender as an exception
  • Disabled Windows Defender & Virus Protection
  • Windows checked for updates
  • Updated all Drivers
  • Running Lost Ark & Steam as Administrator
  • Repairing Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Disabling IPv6
  • Set DNS Settings to Google’s
  • Delete Steam Download Cache
  • Factory Reset Router
  • Went between Ethernet & Wired Connection
  • Swapped Routers
  • 4x devices used (3 laptops, 1 desktop)
  • Port forwarded Lost Ark (Suggestion provided by Live Support)
  • Remove Local Config Files (Suggestion provided by Live Support)
  • Clear booting into Windows (Suggestion provided by Live Support)
  • Further troubleshooting has been made, will add them as I remember them/try them.

Region - NA West
Server - Valtan
Character Name: Shadozenqua

I have spoken to live support twice, the second person I spoke to basically said go away as the technical team has a support ticket already from me.

Not sure if this will help, but I’ve started recording the disconnections as of today.

Time - Type of Error - Time in game from launch - Area/Location in game

9th May

  • 1:05am - G0X9-SPELPWP1P2PT - 4mins 22secs - Kalaja
  • 5:37pm - G0X9-SPELPWP1P2PT - 3mins 23secs - Kalaja - Change settings to Low menu
  • 5:41pm - Error 10010 - 52 secs - Server Screen (Never used a VPN)
  • 5:53pm - 3/4 Loading Screen - 5mins 35secs - Teleporting from Kalaja → Wailing Swamp
  • 6:11pm - G0X9-SPELPWP1P2PT - 9mins 47secs - Kalaja - Teleporting between triports within same area
  • 7:06pm - 3/4 Loading Screen - 9mins 46secs - Change Character Selection from Esc Menu
  • 7:16pm - 3/4 Loading Screen - 4mins 3secs - North Vern → Shadespire
  • 7:22pm - No Servers on Server Selection - 2mins 8secs - No Servers Loading, Please Wait Icon Disappeared

Will add to the list of disconnections as I record them

I would like to note that the maintenance before last (28th April) actually fixed the disconnections/error [G0X9-SPELPWP1P2PT] completely. Unfortunately the error has come up since the previous maintenance (4th May).

Reason for making a forum post is to seek further troubleshooting ideas people may have while I wait for the Technical Support Team to get back to me.

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Today I got DCed for like 7 times… when my connection is fine (bergstorm server)

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yeah I’m getting the same issue and I was fine Saturday and Sunday when the servers had 4k queues ( NA east Una )

same code same issue. about 10 min to 1 hour
NA east Karta


yep same. its just Lazyness tbh. its all about business, doing the job right or knowing exacly what to do is rare since the last couple years :slight_smile: the worst thing is if this happend while raiding xD good luck on getting that ticket :stuck_out_tongue: 30% of my guild quited cuz of this issue.


True also my biggest concern is what happend in the last 2 maintenances? the game feels worse and worse fps wise, my pc isnt that bad but now even on low settings it feels im playing minecraft on a Onboard graphics card with 1-3 sec stutters all 20-30 seconds xDD

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