Error in T3 chaos Dungeon

T3 chaos dungeon is the last boss on the second floor. There will be no material after death, but there will be no such problem in T1 and T2. I just tested chaos dungeon through several roles and found that this situation exists.

After the update, I will retest. I hope the players can also pay attention to T3 challenges dungeon

like this post with 300+ replies and an AGS reply?

I’ve seen it, but my first character today killed t3boss and the monsters around him. He only gave me 5 stones

If you have a chance, you can cancel the pet, then kill the boss and observe the material

It’s not an error. It just happens sometimes.

But when I use it on my T2 character, a lot of material will appear after the boss dies

Moreover, I can clearly observe the reduction of materials, because my T3 character will move materials to my first character through the warehouse after each run

You’re comparing drops in T2, to T3.
Do you know how silly that is?
Variance in drops has always occured since launch.

I’m just saying that in the dungeon of T2, there will be no items that don’t drop when the boss dies:)

why would u be comparing t2 to t3 cdungeons though? they have different loot tables and drop rates?. and even if u were to think they are on the “same” field as it were. we are currently on our “first” section of t3 content so if u were to compare it itd have to be something like Yorn’s 960 vs our 1400 not a 1080 vs a 1400. and its been argued and “conspiracied” that yes there is a very large variance concerning leapstone drops. but the gaurdian stones and destruction stones have a 650/200ish avg after doing yoho/cdungeon

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I assume you know they already confirmed there is no bug and force closed the other thread. You are not supposed to reopen more and more threads that they are closing

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