Error Message-Keyboard limit?

Anyone know why this message pops up?

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This is shown on popups that block keyboard input. Previously, pressing Esc when that popup was shown would immediately decline the invite. Now, you need to click the Accept or Decline button to prevent mistakes.


Ahh thank you, i was just solo quing chaos dung first time i have seen that message

Hi @Cerv

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As @Masn said this was implement to avoid the player decline the the entry mistakenly and you have to click on it to accept or decline the entry.

Thank you @Masn to share the information about it and bring you help here in the forum we always appreciate it!

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Can we turn that off? I use enter to accept queue fast all the time :c

Hi @Countofquivira

Iā€™m really sorry but at the moment there is not an option to turn it off.

If you like that the option to turn off or on in the game, you can make a post in the Feedback section of the forum so the team gonna take it into consideration for future updates.

Here is the link to the feedback section of the forum:

Hope this information help you! :wolf: