Error Server Authentication Failed 10010 on main steam account

I’ve got the error server Authentication Failed 10010 on my main steam account but when i swap to a alt steam account, the game works fine.

Please need help, can’t restart everything from 0 on a alt account, i want to play on my main steam account.

PS: i’ve just contacted the live support, its seems like my account got banned for unknown reasons … just send a ticket, waiting, i’ll update

have the same issue and after i gave them a ticket i got a response from a dude with 3 fixes of which i already tryed 2 from and the 3rd was windows update which also didnt work.
Now i have to create a DxDiag file so the Devs can look into what is wrong.
Im worryed cause theres a bunch of people talking about bans.
I played 3400+ hrs and invested 200-300$ so far.

Hello! Your best option here would be to create a web ticket with our support.

I will also move your post over to the game support section of the forums for better visibility.

my main account got randomly banned that’s why i had the error : server Authentication Failed 10010

After contacting the support, they lifted the ban, i can now play.
Hope this will help others in the same situation i was, see you

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Greetings @nkzar

Hope you’re excellent today.

Thank you very much to explain the steps you did to resolve this .

I’m glad our support team helped you !

In case you present any more issues to make sure please verify steam integrity or contact us!

Have an excellent week ahead !

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