Error - Title bug

Nature - Alert indicating a new title is available keeps populating - Crystal Benefactor title is likely the source of the issue
Frequency - Every time I log in, the alert populates
Exact steps - Have Crystal Benefactor title available, log out and back in
Location of the issue - User Interface

To summarize in words, every time I log in I see that I have the little red circle that indicates that something new has populated under the “Roster” tab. However, when I check the roster and navigate to the “titles” area, I keep seeing that it keeps marking the “Crystal Benefactor” title as new. I do not care about the Crystal Benefactor title and while it’s not really affecting gameplay, it is somewhat annoying to see an alert every time I log in (since the alerts usually indicate rewards), get excited, and then get annoyed when I see it’s the same title I don’t need or want.


Yup, a minor thing I know but kinda annoying.

has amazon recognized this bug? i just wanted to report it aswell. its annoying

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yeah to this day I still have it so its not fixed