Error with the Queue

What is this? If i ok the error the game will be closed but the queue numbers are degreasing.
This is a joke…


22600 in Que, That is not fun, 5-6 hours of waiting for you.
I had some errors not even getting into the ques, just telling me servers was to busy and game closed. I had to restart the game and then got into a none decreasing que .


I’m having the exact same problem when trying to log into Nineveh

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Guess then i can’t play the game today i am going to work at 21:00 after an 12 hour shift grate.

If the queue ended pls reply what happened i am interested if you can log in the server with the error.

You can’t sadly, since the error message will still be there, and you can’t press any other button except for OK, which shuts down your game


How long dose that take for you?

Worked on the fourth attempt for me.

Also getting this error now



I give up if i can start the game without the error then an 20k queue will welcome me wich will take me 6 hours to log in and i only have 4 hour before i go to work.