Escalated issue Server Authentication 10010 Please follow the steps provided here on the solution post in order to find a solution. We are investigating and we are going to need your assistance as well. Thank you all in advance

Same issue. Tried every step and nothing is working. I’m seeing at least hundreds of people on twitter and the forums with the same problem and no acknowledgement of the issue from devs.


were you guys on a cutscene when the game kicked you pre-maint? a couple guys reporting that on the other post

No, i tried to log in after maintenance, to this 10010 error code, or what ever it is. Just frustrating. Was working fine before the update :grimacing:

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I was. I’m sure this is the issue.

I got kicked out before downtime in instance and now i cant get in 10010

I was but I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, disabled ipv6, flushed DNS, tried a vpn, etc. etc.

Nothing has worked yet.


Seems like the account is bricked, have no clue how unless my trying to connect XX times/hour since 19:00~ UTC+1.

Other then that before I tried that I did all the steps I could find without luck.

its account related problem for sure 150%.

as stipulated in other tread. its account related 100%.

second account on same machine works just fine.

Did all the same, nothing working here either

I see some people asking if we were online when servers went down this morning…

I was not, meaning this issue isn’t related to being or not being logged in when maintenance started

What makes me mad… exact same, seeing thousands of us saying it but they’re worried about the people already onlines auctionhouse experience

same here F2P Account works… Founder dont work and get Server Authentication Failed 10010 @Roxx @TrevzorFTW @Seawolf

Same error for me. Worked fine before the “missing character” fix. Now I get the authentication error

Same here account looks corrupted after patch can play fine if i use a new steam account as f2p

@Roxx Same problem for me. I have 50h on my founder account, everything worked until your very last Steam patch tonight - since then I get 10010 error. Tried everything in the book, but it seems account related.

Additional info: I have all founder packs + all the new ones, maybe related I really don’t know.

Re stared PC, router, steam,
Tried VPN and reinstalling the game form scratch.
Tried the all the suggest troubleshooting in the other guide. My friend are playing on other new accounts. Seems ACCOUNT RELATED.

same issue, played before 3 days during early access just fine.
tried every step to fix the issue, this one is a different one indeed.
The last measure im taking is deleting and redownloading the game, which is not gonna fix anything if it is indeed an account issue.
I would really like to play the game again. Its good content for my stream.
Just makes a lot of people sad when i cant play it anymore. :confused:
One could say its impacting my work, luckily its just a hobby.

after spending all my 3 day head start in queue , now after this 10+ hours maintenance , now i get this 10010 error , i did everything , i reinstalled the game , verifyed teh game on steam , flushed dns , etc , and now i can even play this weekend ? give us a real fix


same here. all the fixes out there does not work

same as others here 10010, founders packs, no issue until final small patch before servers went back up