Escape Dungeon = Lost Loot for Entire Week

Had some guy harassing me in a dungeon, and you cannot block someone in a dungeon, and you cannot leave… so I did an escape to get out, and it basically locked me out of loot for the entire week… if you try to queue it says loot has been claimed already.

yeah you cant leave

just don’t be bad

AGS response: “we’re sorry to hear that you were harassed, who is the abuser? We will give him an extra dungeon entrance ticket for a reward”


Next time minimize the chat? There are tons of solutions that don’t involve abandoning the instance.

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So this was their response:

I am sorry to hear that you have lock out to do the dungeon and as much I would love to help you with this, I do apologize but I don’t have any option here in my end to provide you another re-entry ticket to run the dungeon. and also we are not providing compensation for this.



Yeah, lesson learned I guess, buit that sucks… I think the 30 minute debuff like they have in WOW and FFXIV would be better. Losing all loot for the week is harsh AF.

lol thats their cut and paste response to everything. theyre literally worthless and cant do anything. just there to give you a hug and send you on your way/deflect you


Yep. Same support as NW. Just hope you never need it as they will quite literally never help you with anything.