Esther Weapon and F2P

I can’t imagine the logic behind the requests to not have Esther Weapon in the game, since the fact that it drops in Kakul and Brel, allows a VERY HIGH extra gold gain for free players.

Guys, removing Esther Weapon from our version does not help the game at all. It’s not like the system is any different than any other system today. It’s not a “gacha”, and everyone has the possibility to get it and those who are not interested (like me) can just sell the stones and earn gold.

Not the same as legendary skins! Legendary skins only benefit those who have it, esther benefits everyone!

the perception is the same, People saw zeals raise so many esther weapons up to this point and saw what the cost was to even level it.

Why is this a problem? Just from wording, doesn’t feel like you want them implemented into the game.

Since you started this conversation on another thread talking about the same ill post it here:

1.- Drop rate is TERRIBLE LOW, maybe .01% for each BRel HM g6 run.
2.- In order to even get a chance of that .01% your character must be 1560 (cuz g6 is the only gate that can drop it)
3.- You will need at least 6 characters at 1560 to have 6 chances per week (same shit, you won’t get a single drop)
4.- This change will “force” whales/dolphins to RMT since a esther 8 at 1k$ is better than an esther 8 at 10k$
5.- The gap between f2p and P2w will actually become impossible to reach.
6.- The public perception that the people outside this game will be even WORST, (someone will ask: Is Lost ark worth playing, then people will answer: NO, you need 10k$ to get the best weapon, its just a p2w game
7.- This change can increase the # of bots since more people will start doing RMT
8.- More bots = more inflation which is terrible for new players and veterans.

As you can see, the cons of getting the esther weapon system are terrible.


People that cry about esther are just clueless about how much of a whale p2w wep +25 already is. Who cares if the whale gets 30% mvp with +25 over the average gamer or 40% with ester. zzz

I stopped reading there


Read above and youll see that if the whale gets stronger is irrelevant and thats not the main reason on why esther weapon is not a good system at all and it will make the game worst.

I can’t imagine you made another thread about the same thing! The stones drops in Akkan and new abbysal dungeon too.

Girl, keeping esther weapon in our version it will not benefit f2p players when they can’t even do BREL NM/HM 1-6 lmfao. If you want efficient farming you need a lot of toons in brel Nm/hm g1-6. YOU ARE NO LONGER A F2P if someone has that many toons in NM/HM ready.
The chances of you getting the stones is like getting a relic map in chaos gate :person_shrugging:


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It doesn’t drop on Kakul AFAIK

It drops on Brel HM only (and Akkan/Kayangel)

Its drop on kakul guy, shut up

Doesn’t matter, its not coming here thank god, even the guy in the video said it


and for 10 grand its still <5% upgrade over +25

so you have a 0.1% chance instead of a 0.0% chance of getting a million gold from running your brel 1-6? that sounds like a W

as opposed to lv10 gems, bracelets, card packs, elixirs, +25 ancients, the next new class?

good, all the things bots pump that actually benefit most players when they’re cheaper will be cheaper. sounds like a W


we shall see on next week patch notes.

esther stone drops brel nm & hm and kakul and when the time comes when elgacia becomes patched kayangel abyss dungeon drops esther stone i believe its the level 3 hard mode.


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Let me get this straight, why don’t we delete the lv10 gems right now, this weekly reset. it’s 20% dmg compared to lv7 gems(even lv7 is not affordable to every player). This is a MMORPG game, not a FPS or MOBA. It’s genetically impossible to let everyone standing at the same floor.

Bro you keep saying that the stone is incredibly low drop rate, and it’s not from chaos dungeons, starting with only brel hard g6. It drops from clown and brel. And two thing you missed, 1. Lifeskill mats price? 2. Chest price? You understand every whale wants to craft an Esther will not using every single stones from AH right? There will be a trader for bounded stone. Think about the chest price during the time before ayaya release, after full relic brel gears. Its normally below 500g right? Let me do the maths for you. Assume a tradable stone price is 1m, and I can confirm that 100 mats can be traded into a stone, thats 10k per mats. How about every chest has potential price of 50k. Yes, whale will discount the price, let’s say a 80% off. Thats legit 10k. How about that? Works in Akkan also. I would love to have a further conversation abt how esther affects NA economy.

what kind of MMOs have you played?
in “mine” i can sit up 2 weekends harder and be on same floor with 98% of ppls

Dude plz be realistic. Every single MMO need either time or money to be abou the same. Tell me about what ilvl, gems, bracelets, engraving, even tripods is “98% of the players”

Or you mean you collected 6 arks. Congrats to you my friend.

1590 and 6 arks collector being called the same floor is nothing but crazy talk


people also forget that it will take months before the 1st esther is even possible to be made

we have to generate the stones and it is very likely that most of us will never see the drop