Esther Wep. Best thing ever

I feel like People Who enter this forum leave their mind some where else.

How can you even say that Esther weapon is bad for this game? Like how?

Look at typical f2p Player. Doing some life skills and what now their prices are going up? He can sell it and buy other stuff to improve his charakter (Not honing, People Who only hone are clowns)

Oh wait he even can buy more like blue crystals cuz they Got cheaper?

Oh wait imagine doing 15min raid ofc im Talking about Kakul. And getting this juicy essence. Wow IT sells for 3 mil Gold on Ru? And also milions on KR? Wow

Nów people will cry they never drop it bad bad cry whales etc

Damn if u think some1 will ever gatekeep cuz of Esther i will tell you a Secret. He gatekeeps beacuse your charakter looks like hobo any if ur like 1490 and apply to 1540 party. not beacuse u dont have Esther.

I would love to have people with Esther in my party imagine the guy have wei upgrade and your party have better stag or thirian for dmg seems Nice right?

I think if ur against Esther weapon if u truly are against this system that is both Good for whales to keep them in game and for f2p to earn money you need a doctor.

I hope everyone who is against it, will raise his hands and when they drop their essence they will delete IT instead of selling it but yea doubt that will ever happen


I would personally love to gate keep Esther weapon holders :slight_smile:
They would probably suck as players as well. But hey… better to never know.


i think there is a missinformation how low that Essence dropchance is .

there are people in KR which not even had after 1 year an essence drop

this dropchance is at a 0. % chance
means you can do 100+ raids and never see any essence to sell

im not against it , i have millions worth of lifeskill mats , just to sell for esther crafter

the thing is … its not like the majority ever will see such a drop to profit from that essence effectively

so doing a 15 minute raid ( like your example) 100 times with no drop , is still worth nothing extra :wink:

dont create hope for f2p players which basically wont see that drop any time soon and benefit from that .

sure there will be that one lucky guy

its the same like getting 100 quality or a 10/7 stone

if you break i down to a lucky accsessory drop, which sells for 200k is on the same lvl of luck , like getting this Essence

If i see someone with esther 7- ill reject him, they need esther 8+ to join my team uwu

People who think they’d drop a single stone during their whole LA career is funny af.

Ask your favorite KR streamer who has 10x of your gameplay time on relevant content how many stones they’ve got as a drop.

It does nothing for F2P. People who will RMT for the stones will just ruin economy even more for everyone else. You can keep dreaming dropping a ester stone while buying blue crystals at 5k gold and be happy about it tho, sounds like something you’d do.

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Why even RMTing money for Esther will ruin the economy? That gold will be put in Esther gold sink not in real economy, why should I care?


The seller will engage with the economy with his bot farmed 1m gold that he got by selling his stone. The gold circulates through economy and is not being removed by any means. please try to think!! before posting time wasting nonsense.

because this only encourages to RMT, more RMT demand = more bots = more inflation = less people want to play = game die :clown_face:

It’s not a gold sink mate. Not entirely at least. Life skill mats? Not a gold sink. Essence? Not a gold sink.
If there is any direct cost to upgrading the weapon, then THAT is a gold sink. I don’t know and don’t care whether there is one, but either way with essence price being so ridiculous it’s probably marginal.
Other than that the 5% tax on market is the only way this weapon removes gold from economy. But i rally don’t think it’s enough to be worth talking about.

Do you… not understand how an economy works? That gold doesn’t vanish when they buy something from the market. It gets taken by someone else and likely used for other items, thus increasing prices as it was gold that likely would not have been spent before.

That depends on where the RMT gold came from. If it comes from profession farming or gem farming by bots, it isn’t gold created by bots, is gold from players so it’s doesn’t create inflation. If it’s gold from bussing bots then yes, it would create inflation, but I think this is not the common case.

When a bot sells a gem or profesion item, it gets gold from a player who buys the item. That gold already exists it doesn’t create inflation, just it’s transfered from one player to another through the bot. On the contrary it causes deflation on gem and materials because of the increase in offer.

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Its late and I’m dumb, thanks for being cordial.