Eta on fix for busted servers?

@Roxx when are the servers getting fixed?
game is unplayable. DC every 15-20 mins


damn thats a long session, i only last 5 min :frowning: :wink:

20 mins phew, I can’t even buy stuff from vendor get booted instantly

Just got booted to server selection twice within 5 minutes. Great.
Edit make that three times. Im stuck at logging in, like 90% loaded and its frozen.

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its worrying how quiet they are when regarding this major issue
just simply take the servers down and try to fix it doesnt matter if it take 8hrs when the game is unplayable anyway

if this is how a small QoL update goes imagine next week with a new class tripod system and many other things

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you guys are so naive that you think this is a new problem.

this problem has been going on for months. there is a big thread in the front page since July with 2000 replies . yet nothing is being done to fix this. now it is spreading to a much larger player base.

so there will be no fix. you would think if they can fix this, an emergency maintenance was already happened already.

all you can do is watch the progress of you account flushed down the drain since you will no longer be able to play the game anymore.

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I mean not all of their patches have been that bad, chill out. The server merges patches went pretty well.

I think SG needs to issue a fix for them that’s why it’s probably taking more time.

Lol in order for me to switch characters, i literally have to restart the game from the beginning … mind you the long load up time …

the problem is from your end. go fix your stuff

If they dont have an ETA, they wont give an ETA …

last time they said its fixed in 5 hours and it wasnt the mob was rolling…

they learned and dont give an ETA if they dont know exactly when its fixed

whats better to say ? Hey we awar of that issue , SM is working on it , we dont know till when. or just say nothing ?

its still not getting faster

im chill and to say the server merges went well is kind of funny weren’t they down for like 15 hours with multiple extended delays?

just worrying when its a big issue with 0 response from them
and i have a right to be worried when i got locked out of 3 weekly raids with about 15 dc’s yesterday and it wasnt just me easily 4 of the 8 players in a raid got DC

That happened only on the prepatch, when the server merges rolled everything was fine.

Check Roxx’s replies, she also said that they are looking into it. What do you guys want her to do? send a personal mail on your house to inform you that she read your posts?

You get a reset ticket when you DC in a raid, you have to wait a bit but you get one

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Are you okey buddy?

this is her latest reply since last month. you guys are clueless if you think this problem will be fixed overnight

im not sure what your issue is, but you clearly need to go outside and breathe some fresh air, touch some grass, you know.

yeah i didnt have the server merges so idk how they went 100%

no but a simple message that states its a known issue and they have people working on it would be a bit better instead of just guessing.

a game notorious for screwing things up is Apex Legends i remember day one of one of their seasons the servers was complete shit for a week but they atleast had a message posted stating its a known issue and will be working on a fix i was more so tilted about being locked out as ive been locked out before and never got a ticket so i figured it is a lost cause

it was 14 hrs ago and obviously they went to bed lol

Well considering it doesn’t affect shop. The fix will take 1 week.

if almost a day down is your definition of pretty well i guess you are right.